By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

The ‘90S Makeup Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Like, totally.

Ah, the ’90s. A decade devoted to Dawson’s Creek, glitter hair gel, Girlfriend hats, hair bra straps (what the?), the Spice Girls, Mytikos, butterfly clips – the list is endless (and potentially traumatic for many a millennial).

But, it wasn’t all bad. It also produced some of the biggest beauty icons of all time; Mossy, Drew, Liv, Clueless’ Cher and the ‘Supers’ to name but a few. With that girl gang come some epic beauty trends, and ones that have been rehashed, recycled and reinvented for a modern audience.

Whilst the ’80s are being overly officious (damn those glitzy lamé dresses and rainbow-clad feet) in the fashion and beauty milieu, the trends of the latter decade refuse to go away. Sartorially, we are still paying homage to the ‘90s by way of slip dresses, denim (everything) and sneakers, beauty wise, we continue to be schooled by an era defined by Red Earth, Australis and Impulse.

These four trends are like, totally bitchin’, and like, totally still relevant.

Most of us will remember the ’90s as glitter-loaded, defined by glittery hair gel, body gel, face gel, any gel. Whilst the walking disco ball trend has since lapsed (thank God), a new take on glitter has arisen from the piles of left-over sprinkles. Fashion Week continues to send throngs of models with sparkly eyes and lips down the runway, cementing the revival of the twinkling trend. So whilst the case for totally grown-up, wearable glitter is compounded, remember, keep it tonal and match glitter to skin-tone. Time to (literally) dust off those pots of fairy dust.

Credit: Supplied

Super smudgy, all-nighter, party girl eyes have been a huge fixture on both local and international catwalks. Preen your panda eyes more than those of the 90s party girls (Courtney, we’re looking at you), and simply brush a dark shadow through the socket and around the eye for maximum impact.

Credit: Instagram, @courtneylove and @carolemackie

Undeniably one of the biggest beauty comebacks; the ruddy red brick lip is a makeup must, and a trend which sees no sign of slowing. Forever on top of our lippie lust-list; make like Drew, Liv and Winona et all and opt for burnt auburns, inky crimsons and burnished biscuits. Unleash your rebel romantic and arm yourself with moody, broody brown-hued lipsticks. We smell teen spirit.

Credit: Supplied and Instagram, @hungvanngo

Glaze away; the ’90s memo of the day. It was all lacquered lips in frosted pink (eek!) and Lipsmacker goodness (which, we secretly still love). Consult the runways of today and the glossed-up mantra remains, but this time across lids, too. Slick lid and lip with a shiny, diaphanous eye gloss for a modern take; paint lids with jellybean colour or go clear for the stickiest, most saccharine lids, ever.

Credit: Supplied and Instagram, @carolmackie

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.