The Sunscreens You’re Going to Enjoy—Especially in Malaysia

The sun can be friend, but also foe.
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By this point, we’re quite sure that everyone knows enough to ensure that daily sunscreen application is important. Practically every beauty brand that’s worth its salt has at least one if not several sun protection products under its umbrella. But being in Malaysia, our needs are quite specific in the fact that we deal with immense humidity, the occasional deluge, and worst of all, UV exposure that is off the charts high. For that, we have you covered with our list of best sunscreen in Malaysia—for literally every need you may have.

We all know vitamin D is important and you can get it from basking in the sun, but remember that since we’re living at the Equator, we’re quite exposed to the dangers of skin cancer. While, sure, wearing sunscreen can dampen the skin’s natural ability to supply itself with vitamin D, this research suggests that the risk is low, and that “concerns about vitamin D should not negate skin cancer prevention advice.”

We’ve also spoken to dermatologists Dr Aamna Adel and Dr Shammi Thesan for advice on how to shop for sunscreens—there are hundreds out there. Everyone also has different wants and needs for sunscreen, so below, we’re breaking down what these sunscreens can do for you.

The Best Sunscreens in Malaysia, According to Your Needs