By Kate Lancaster

‘Digital Lavender Nails’ are the Latest Most Coveted Manicure

Step aside, glazed donut nails—here's what to try next.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@opi_professionals

Another day, another viral nail trend—but this one is probably a little more expected than the others. Off the back of Pantone pronouncing ‘digital lavender’ 2023’s colour of the year, we’re starting to see an influx of similarly hued talons take over our social media feeds.

So what are digital lavender nails? While it sounds quite straightforward – painting the nails in a lilac or lavender lacquer – there’s an added dimension to the new trend. Instead of just one uniform shade, digital lavender nails incorporate a futuristic dose of shimmer, not entirely unlike 2022’s ‘glazed donut’ nails.

The beauty of digital lavender nails is that the added shimmer creates a more neutral tone to the colour, making it a great option if you’re feeling a little tired of nude and blush tones. The reflective finish can be achieved with chrome nail powder (just like Hailey Bieber’s signature glazed donut digits), or a holographic top coat of polish for a more subdued take on the trend.

While a trip to the nail salon will undoubtedly give your talons that professional finish, this is also an easy nail look to achieve at home. Simply select your favourite shade of purple polish (softer hues work best, but ultimately it’s up to you) and apply one or two coats of the lacquer to your nails.

Then all you need to do is add a shimmering top coat, which can be either a sheer high-shine purple shade or any other glitter or shimmer shade.

The end result is a soft, stunning manicure that works for any outfit or occasion. With ‘digital lavender nails’ now garnering more than 5.3 billion views on TikTok, we expect to see the trend stick around for some time.

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This article originally appeared on Grazia International.