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Brightening Tips for Eyes Over 50: Insights From a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artist Fred Marin, who beautifies stars like Vanessa Paradis and Virginie Efira, shares his pro tips for brightening the eyes after 50.
Unlock Ageless Beauty: Tips to Brighten Your Eyes After 50
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Makeup artist to the stars, Fred Marin, knows all the tricks. His client list includes icons like Vanessa Paradis and Virginie Efira. Fred Marin shared his beauty secrets for brightening eye makeup after 50. It’s often said that eyes are the windows to the soul—and also a telltale sign of age. The delicate, thin skin around our eyes is the first to show signs of ageing. Luckily, you don’t have to surrender to time.

With proper eye care and the right makeup, you can combat those aging effects. Unfortunately, the wrong eye makeup can add a decade to your look. But successful eye makeup can be a real rejuvenator. We trust the pros to get it right. On April 16, Fred Marin took to Instagram to dish out his top tips for brightening eye makeup for anyone over 50. And trust us, he’s worth listening to.

Rejuvenate the Eye Contour with Makeup

Fred Marin is the mastermind behind some incredible beauty looks for stars like Virginie Efira and Vanessa Paradis. On his Instagram, he’s constantly sharing beauty tips for those of us who’ve hit the big 5-0. Just recently, he unveiled the best foundations to enhance the complexion of fifty-somethings.

Now, he’s turning his focus to another key element: brightening eye makeup. “Achieving a youthful look past 50 requires illuminating technique and discretion,” Fred mentions in his post. And thankfully, he’s giving us all the keys to refresh our eye contours.

Pro Tips to Brighten the Eyes After 50

The superstar product for brightening eye makeup? Concealer, hands down. Fred says, “Concealer is vital for reducing signs of ageing around the eyes while adding light to the face.” His top picks? “Skin Tone Concealer by Kiko Milano,” which he deems “perfect for precise correction and blending naturally with the complexion.” Marin also swears by “Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Concealer from Lancôme.” He elaborates, “It not only hides imperfections but also gives lasting radiance.”

Fred then reaches for Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Palette The Sophisticate. This eyeshadow palette is his go-to for “bringing depth and opening up the eyes.” He advises, “Apply a light beige shade to the crease of the eyelid, extending the colour outward for a lifted appearance.” He warns against using shadows too dark: “Avoid dark tones under the eyes as they can make them look heavier. Opt for brown or gold for a soft, refreshing finish.” And don’t forget the final touch! Fred recommends a fine line of dark brown shadow at the lash line, using a hard, flat brush. This “simulates natural lash density without the harsh feel of traditional eyeliner,” he explains. By following Fred Marin’s expert advice, you can master the art of brightening eye makeup, making your gaze look fresh and rejuvenated—no matter your age.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.