By Carlyn Soo

Get an Exclusive Peek at Louis Vuitton’s New Book: Perfume Atlas

Follow Louis Vuitton's master perfumer on his quest to source for the finest ingredients for the Maison's fragrances.

What if you could indulge in an unforgettable getaway that ignites your senses without leaving the comforts of your own home? Imagine smelling the sweet fragrance of ripened fruits, feeling the delicate flower petals between your fingers and watching the magnificent sunset paint the sky in vibrant hues of orange and pink.

You can now embark on a sensory odyssey across the continents with Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance book: A Perfume Atlas. The book is told through the lens of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, master perfumer of Louis Vuitton as he strings us along in his search of raw ingredients behind the Maison’s signature scents. He traverses from the rose harvests of Grasse to the bergamot fields of Calabria, discovering new sceneries, cultures and delicacies along the way. Without question, A Perfume Atlas will delight lovers of nature, travel and perfumery

Louis Vuitton enlisted the help of author Lionel Paillès, illustrator Aurore de la Morinerie and photographer Sébastien Zanella to concoct a captivating visual diary spanning 380 pages with more than 200 watercolour depictions. This is the first time the French luxury house has offered us a rare glimpse into its perfumery secrets, taking us behind the scenes of its production process from harvest to extraction and distillation.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

A Perfume Atlas comes in three distinct covers and is available now at all Louis Vuitton stores. For a more immersive experience that will leave your olfactory senses tingling, splurge on the limited edition Perfume Atlas exclusive set which includes 45 vials of special extracts that have been aforementioned in the book. The set is carefully assembled in a luxurious box, making it the perfect gift or collectable for any fragrance connoisseur out there.

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This story originally appeared on GRAZIA Singapore.