OLUMES Bottles Miracles from Borneo to Create Anti-Aging Wonder

Meet your skincare saviour: OLUMES’s The Satin Cream.

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From the depths of Borneo comes local skincare brand OLUMES. Founded by Malaysia’s own renowned cosmetic chemist Aerin Gabor, the range she created seeks to address the needs of skin that is aging.

What makes this line extra special is that Gabor has looked to her Kadazan-Dusun roots to uncover the miraculous secret that lies within Borneo. Merging her technical know-how and the age-old beauty practice, she got to work to launch the now-award-winning brand, OLUMES. Now 10-products-strong, Gabor’s approach towards skincare remains the same. All throughout OLUMES, you will see echoes of her values, from her deep appreciation for nature’s abundance to her staunch belief in clean beauty.

At the heart of almost every OLUMES item is the Kalalit extract, and her discovery of this unique ingredient is by happy coincidence. During a trip to her Kadazan-Dusun side of the family, she realised that everyone had perfect skin, even at an advanced age. It was then she came upon the wonders of the Kalalit tree. Within a week, she was determined to bottle the liquid miracle.

Reaping the benefits of Borneo’s wealth of natural resources, she cites the potency of the active ingredients from the area for the efficacy of her products. Upon her discovery of the Kalalit tree at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, she put on her cosmetic chemist hat and got straight to researching and developing. The result is the stunning formulations of OLUMES, a true hallmark of science meeting tradition.

In doing so, OLUMES isn’t only a brand that seeks to help out those with skincare concerns, but also one that celebrates the rich Kadazan-Dusun heritage, further adding to the cultural tapestry. In addition to that, the brand sticks to the clean beauty principles, cultivating the use of only the finest of ingredients, all sourced responsibly to ensure equity and sustainability along the chain.

Over the years, an all-time favourite remains to be The Satin Cream. The transformative featherweight cream has been conferred multiple awards, and rightfully so as it is coveted by beauty editors and skincare fanatics alike. The pleasing texture, packed with the star ingredient that inspired it all, absorbs seamlessly into the skin, delivering anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-photoaging goodness to the deeper layers of the dermis.

Aside from this nod to her roots, The Satin Cream also sees the incorporation of more renowned skincare ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and 24 effective anti-aging botanical extracts to plump up the skin while smoothing away any texture and fine lines. Once absorbed, it also acts as a wonderful makeup base.

To discover the goodness of The Satin Cream and more of OLUMES, visit the site. You can also learn more about skin and its needs by following Aerin Gabor on TikTok.