What’s in Our Bag: GRAZIA Getaway Edition

Now that’s some precious cargo.

Picture this: The team is getting ready for a much-needed getaway, and we have a mountain of beauty products to choose from. With every choice under the sun, what would you choose? That’s when you find out what tops everyone’s list. 

But first, a little context. The GRAZIA Malaysia team is heading to The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh for our R&R. We’re expecting some showers up north, but knowing the climate, we come prepared for sunnier days as well. With relaxation on our minds, the packing takes a different tone altogether, as every team member is almost perpetually travelling for business. 

Here, we’re giving our full coverage foundation a rest and shelving the powders for another day. Instead of working against the oncoming variables (think: heat, humidity, and the haze), we’re including items that will wear harmoniously. 

Read on to discover what’s in our bag. 

For the Ultimate Sun Protection

We’re expecting to clock in some hours under the sun, so layering sunscreens is in our best interest. For the primary sunscreen, the team quickly snapped up the Supergoop! Every Single Face SPF50 Sunscreen, as it has already been a favourite among us. It takes up minimal suitcase space, and again, the comfort factor plays a serious role in this decision. The fluid also leaves absolutely zero white-cast, meaning that it will settle seamlessly even on bare skin. 

For the second layer, we opt for the Ultra Violette Daydream Screen Tinted Veil. Sure, we may have taken a pause from the full beat, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking for some coverage. It’s especially handy because it’s a 2-in-1. A hybrid of foundation and sunscreen, the tint is just what we need for days in the sun and for making memories. Its lightweight texture also made it the right call, as comfort is tantamount to our purpose. 

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For a Refreshing Cleanse

There’s nothing quite like the face wash you will have after a long day’s travelling. With a variety of skin types to cater to, we had to strategise. For oily skin types, we opted for the Paula’s Choice Pore Normalising Cleanser, which is powered with 0.5% salicylic acid. From dead skin cells to gunk accumulated over the hours on the road, the cleaner helps to take the day off without irritating the skin. The gentle formula lightly suds up to go deep into the pores and remove excess oil to reveal fresh skin, and thanks to the arginine, the formula works to clear and prevent breakouts while soothing the skin. 

We’re also anticipating for the skin to be sensitised, especially since we’re introducing it to a new environment. So that’s why we brought along a backup cleanser. You never know just how aggravated the skin can get, and you don’t want to be ill-prepared for such an event. In case of that particular emergency, we safely stowed the Sigi Skin Kaleanser Face Wash. The vegan and hypoallergenic formula is enhanced with kale extract that detoxifies the pores of nasties, as well as soy extracts that provide ample moisture. Restorative in nature, the jelly-like cleanser is a welcome treat to the skin—especially after a long day. 

Is there ever such a thing as too much baggage? No. For the third and final cleanser, we packed a deluxe-sized Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Meltway Cleanser to ensure that the skin receives extra care. Not only does this act as a brilliant makeup remover, but it is also full of nourishing ingredients like sea grapes, kiwi, and aloe to soothe the skin. 

For the Summer Bod

Clearly, basking in the glorious sun is embedded into the itinerary. To elevate that experience, two items came to mind. First, the Aromatica Body Oils, in both Lavender & Marjoram and Neroli & Patchouli scents. The lingering fragrance enhances the sunbaking affair, but we’re looking for an oil that can deliver an intense shot of moisture to the skin—and Aromatica does the trick. 

The second item is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Highlighter, which arrives in three deliciously lustrous shades to match a range of skin tones. No pool pic is complete without a glorious gleam, and a quick swipe of the highlighter is sufficient to achieve that. It also comes with a brush to help with on-the-go blending, making it the obvious choice for the trip. 

Finally, we picked up a mega bottle of the Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Lotion to nurture the skin. Between the sun and the chlorine, the epidermis will be put through the wringer. To counteract the damage, the sensitive-skin-friendly lotion is our go-to. This is not your typical ceramide lotion. With a patented ingredient, the lightweight ointment effectively absorbs into the skin to help repair and support the skin barrier and natural moisture retention. The best part? It comes in a pump format to keep the precious formula pristine. 

For All-Round Nourishment

Just like a typical flight, jumping in and out of the car, into the elements, and hotel rooms can be pretty harsh on the skin. In any case of travel, the dermatome needs extra love. To condition our skin, we bagged the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Formulated to protect the skin barrier, we especially appreciate the fact that Drunk Elephant’s moisturiser formula is designed to be mixed and matched with additional serums for our individual skin types. 

For the hair, we had to have the best of the best, and that is the Davines The Restless Circle Hair Mask. Packaged in an ultra-convenient sachet, the hair mask works hard to protect the hair from mechanical damage. Between the constant slipping in and out of sun hats and perpetually putting the hair up via clips and elastics, this hair mask is just what the doctor ordered. It also promotes volume, so even the humidity won’t be able to flatten the hair down. 

Finally, for the ends, the Mise en Scene Perfect Serum in Rose is the ultimate must-have for the trip. Infused with seven botanical oils to protect, nourish, and add shine to the tresses, the featherweight oil is a moisturising serum that revives the strands without weighing them down. Add to that an aromatic rose scent, and you have the ideal serum that not only keeps the hair healthy but also smelling fresh throughout the day.