Your Skin Knows: Personalised Skincare Brand mtm labo Arrives in Malaysia

Giving your skin what it needs with [ custom-blended skincare ].

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The cornerstone of healthy, happy skin is choosing the right skincare for it. However, we often don’t know what it truly needs, relying only on surface-level issues to address concerns—but your skin knows. While it may work temporarily, you cannot fix the underlying issues that you can’t see. The solution? Custom-made, personalised skincare

While personalised skincare is not new to the beauty world, looking for the right one is nothing short of challenging. Enter skincare brand mtm labo, which has made waves in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, and is finally here in Malaysia. What makes them stand out from others is their specialisation in Asian skincare, an ingredients list that boasts botanical extracts inspired by oriental botanical practices in the 1990s, quality raw materials sourced from all around the world, and a Japanese research team to produce these products to the highest safety and efficacy standards. Their skincare range is extensive as well, encompassing basic cleansing products, essences, moisturisers, serums, eye care, masks, and more. 

Best known for their [ custom-blended skincare ], mtm labo seeks to understand your skin’s concerns at its core through personalised consultations, and then picking out products and treatments that will best address your skin’s needs. After a thorough consultation by one of mtm labo’s beauty consultants, they will pick one of five synergy boost formulations and enhance the product with botanical extracts best suited to your skin type. The “synergy boost” formulations target five different concerns, including firming and anti-ageing, calming and soothing, skin detoxification, hydrating, and brightening. Use this as a serum or blend it with other mtm labo products for better results; either way, you can already incorporate this into your existing skincare routine. 

However, if you want to take it one step further beyond just a personalised skin consultation, mtm labo offers another solution: genes decode, a unique formulation designed to target your deeper skin needs on a genetic level by undergoing DNA analysis, arranged for by mtm labo. The results of this analysis will factor in skin sensitivity, skin barrier functionality, and potential risks, allowing mtm labo to create a “genes decode” formula that is tailored ultra precisely, thus preventing potential issues from arising upon use. 

What’s inside also needs to reflect what is outside, and mtm labo has that covered with packaging that mirrors the pared-back, botanical ingredients in the skincare—with the help of acclaimed Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara. He is known for many works, including the programs for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games, alongside publishing many design books. “A good message of design should be emptiness,” Hara was once quoted as saying. This sentiment is reflected in the design of mtm labo products, simple and minimal, with a deep green colour that showcases what the product is known for: nature and botanicals. 

But of course, seeing is believing, and trying out skincare for yourself. Experience mtm labo personalised skin consultation, their [ custom-blended skincare ] and facial treatments at the Suria KLCC and Pavilion Damansara Heights stores respectively, which open this month.