By Pema Bakshi

Life of Khai: Gigi Hadid Shares Rare Photos of Her Growing Daughter

My, how she's grown.
Gigi Hadid and daughter Khai via

Gigi Hadid may have a huge spotlight on her, but when it comes to her family, the supermodel likes to keep things on the down low. But here and there, the first-time mother sporadically treats us to snippets of what her personal life looks like with her daughter Khai in the picture. And in some new photos, Hadid has shocked her followers with just how quickly Khai, 2, is growing up.

Posting a series of snaps to Instagram, the 28-year-old has shared a throwback carousel of a summer spent on her family’s farm in Pennsylvania, where the family spent most of the pandemic. And if even the wee glimpses of Khai are anything to go by, she’s set to take after her mother in both the style department and taste for good food.

In one photo, the pair are sitting together. Though you can only make out Hadid’s feet, you can see the mother and daughter duo are both wearing Birkenstocks—Hadid in the ‘Boston’ clogs and Khai in the kids’ ‘Rio’ sandals while donning a sweet strawberry-printed smock dress by Miniolie.

Gigi Hadid & Khai via

In another snap, the budding trendsetter wears a look that could easily be seen on her mother—a tie-dye t-shirt with distressed denim, personalised with a smiley face patch and paired with gingham gum boots.

Gigi Hadid & Khai via

Elsewhere, the two embark on a sunny boat trip. Not only can we see just how big Khai has become in a rainbow tutu layered over knit leggings and a t-shirt, but we see her long, cascading hair that she no doubt gets from her stunning mum.

Gigi Hadid & Khai via

As many will remember, Hadid surprised the world by unveiling her pregnancy during a live interview in 2020. She gave birth to Khai, who she co-parents with her ex Zayn Malik, on September 19 that same year.

Splitting their time between the farm and her Manhattan apartment, the Guest In Residence founder has shared that she’s learning to prioritise her time since becoming a mother. One of their favourite ways to bond? Cooking, of course.

“Every day, we’re cooking in the house together,” she said in an interview. “Even if it’s just her and I, she will get up on her little step-up stool and help me mix, or we do banana bread.” Though we’re sure there’s no vodka pasta for Khai, the duo will hopefully drop some new kid-friendly recipes soon…

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.