By Ruth Yizengaw

Bottega Veneta Showcases Arab Supermodel Imaan Hammam for Its SS24 Campaign

Unmatched beauty and talent.
Bottega Veneta
Photo: Supplied

High fashion brands are continuing to tap Arab creatives to pioneer their messages and ideas. Most recently, the legendary leather artisans at Bottega Venetta enlisted Imaan Hammam to lead their Spring/Summer 2024 campaign.

What was described as an “anti-traveller” collection by creative director Matthieu Blazy, the Italian fashion house took its esteemed audience on a high fashion expedition with its Milan show last season. Featuring vivacious wilderness textures and its historical intrecciato detailing, the Arab supermodel radiated the collection’s mystique in every shot.

Imaan Hammam for Bottega Veneta SS24

A trip to the pebble-beached Sicily or the colourful streets of Rio de Janeiro, this Bottega season confines you to no such travel plans. Imaan, being half Moroccan and half Egyptian, also personifies this multicultural conversation, down to her very DNA.

Imaan Hammam Bottega Venetta
Photo: Supplied

She leads the campaign with an off-the-shoulder slouchy dress, with bold triangular patterns of bright reds and yellows. Dangling a pastel yellow Sardine Jodie and some black mesh pumps peaking through, you can’t decipher whether she’s on her way to an evening’s affair or a stroll through the Milanese streets.

Imaan Hammam
Photo: Supplied

Flipping the script entirely, another image features Imaan in front of a rosy pink backdrop, in a matching diagonally striped pant suit. In deep mauve hue, the oversized blazers drapes past her hips in a straight cut, as she looks straight through the camera in a stiff uncomplicated demeanour.

Casual yet perky, the last image places the Arab model; in a futuristic globe-like red structure with a more casual ensemble than the rest. With light lavender pants, a sky blue button up and jeans, the full Bottega outfit is completed by some convivial blue heeled boots.

Imaan Hammam Bottega Venetta
Photo: Supplied

From subdued chic to childlike wonder, Imaan embodies the Bottega Veneta’s SS24 collection in a multitude of ways. With fluid bold pieces, the last season marked a new avenue of exploration for the luxury brand, as they reimagine how to intertwine their tradition with their ever-evolving vision.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA Middle East.