By Sidney Yuen

Daiyan Trisha Makes An Entry Into Poetry, ‘Tulisan’ Releasing Soon

Our soon to be latest obsession.

Just when you think Daiyan Trisha has hit her peak, she goes ahead and drops a book launch. The talented Malaysian celebrity, artist, and now debuting author will be publisng her a poetry book Tulisan.

The book will be available for pre-order on August 26, 2023, at 10 AM and will also be accessible through the official website:

Daiyan Trisha first started honing her creative skills at the age of 14 with the help of songwriting. Now she has moved on to expressing her passion through poetry, showcasing her unfiltered ideas and raw emotions. With the release of “Tulisan”, readers are invited to join Daiyan on an intimate journey through her unfiltered thoughts and feelings.

tulisan by daiyan trisha
Photo: Courtesy of Daiyan Trisha

“Tulisan” by Daiyan Trisha will consist of 222 poems that have been beautifully put together and consist of both Malay and English verses. The book will tackle the themes of love and life through the eyes of Daiyan. With every poem, we’ll be able to peel back Daiyan’s layers and get to know her more intimately.

A limited first edition of 2000 copies of “Tulisan” by Daiyan Trisha will be published to commemorate this historic occasion, and the author will personally sign each copy. These copies will be beautifully packaged in limited edition casings, making them a must-have for collectors.

tulisan by daiyan trisha
Photo: Courtesy of Daiyan Trisha

To learn more about “Tulisan”, make sure to visit Don’t miss your chance to embrace the heart and soul of Daiyan Trisha’s literary debut this August 26, 2023, at 10 AM

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