By Ava Gilchrist

Victoria Beckham Momentarily Forgot Why She was ‘Posh’ Spice in New ‘Beckham’ Docuseries

Only for David Beckham to gently humble her with a reminder as to what earned her that moniker.
LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 03: Victoria Beckham attends the Netflix ‘Beckham’ UK Premiere at The Curzon Mayfair on October 03, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Is Posh Spice in the room with us right now? Well, if Victoria Beckham had it her way, it seems the former Spice Girl would happily let the circumstances that earned her that moniker fade into the abysses of the internet.

In a now-viral scene from the recently released Beckham documentary—a new Netflix series chronicling David Beckham’s meteoric football career and associated off-the-field drama—the pop-star-turned-fashion-designer reflects on her initial connection with the athlete, claiming that their shared “working class background” was a factor that drew them together.

UNITED KINGDOM – SEPTEMBER 20: Victoria Adams & David Beckham, Backstage After Whitney Houston Concert, At Wembley Arena, London (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Without missing a beat, David chimed in to mock Victoria’s claim, dispelling her allegation to have come from a lower socioeconomic status than actuality.

“Be honest!” David firmly presses from the next room, rejecting Victoria’s recollection of her upbringing.

Victoria tried to fight back: “I am being honest!”

Pushing back on her protest even further, David reminded her of the truth with the singular question: “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

Victoria took a sharp inhale, and with a slight smirk on her face tried to rationalise her answer. “No, one answer!” David fought back. “What car was it?”

After a bit of back and forth between the Beckhams, with Victoria trying to explain that “it isn’t a simple answer”, the designer finally gives in to David and reveals that her father used to drop her to private school in a Rolls Royce.

We guess Proletariat Spice wouldn’t have been as successful sobriquet.

Watch the deliciously entertaining moment for yourself below:

Naturally, this moment has been running rampant on social media, with netizens backing David for gently calling out his wife. One user even called the Inter Miami owner the “last remaining investigative journalist”.

And though no one is doubting Victoria’s hard work, it doesn’t equate to her being from the working class.

Plus, with the four-part series documenting how David’s ‘rags to riches’ story wasn’t as idyllic as once touted—Beckham claimed his dad enforced control over his career by stringently exclusively focusing on his success on the field—it’s clear this dichotomy hasn’t fanned their flame.

However, this wasn’t the only ‘free kick’ producers took at the Beckham’s relationship, with the docuseries diving deep into the allegations of affairs that followed David in 2004.

But, if the red carpet at the London premiere is anything to go by, it’s clear the family are putting the past behind them. (Only to look back under the guise of a lucrative media deal.)

Beckham is currently available to stream on Netflix. Watch the trailer below:

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.