Apple The Exchange TRX Has Officially Opened—Here’s What You Can Now Do

Workshops, hands-on technical assistance, and more.

Whether you’re a true tech appreciator or just a casual consumer of Apple products, one thing is for sure: you were counting down the days that Malaysia would have its first Apple store. On 22 June 2024, doors opened at Apple The Exchange TRX to thousands who thronged the new retail icon as each waited for their turn to bask in the voluminous and illumined space.

Upon entry, Apple The Exchange TRX’s expansive space transports you into a universe of its own. From the three-dimensional layered roof that offers shade from the equatorial sunbeam to a central glazed oculus that brings ample lighting to the space, these decisions allow the store to run optimally. Like other Apple facilities, this Apple store in Kuala Lumpur also runs on 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

So what can you do, now that Kuala Lumpur has its own Apple store?

Prior to Apple The Exchange TRX’s opening, there were certain things that we Malaysians did not have easy access to. These include:

  1. Collecting online purchases at the dedicated Apple Pickup counter.
  2. Making reservations at the Genius Bar to access hands-on technical and hardware support from an Apple expert.
  3. Attend “Today at Apple” sessions, where you can explore the many facets of your favourite Apple products with an Apple expert’s guide.

At press time, we have Video Magic on Mac with Adam Lobo, Malaysia’s tech content creator; an iPad and Apple Pencil sketch workshop with digital creator Iman Azman where you can Turn Ideas into Action on iPad; and Live Well with Nana Mohd and Apple Watch, where the wellness advocate will take you through the perks of Apple Watch and Apple Fitness+.

But creators aren’t just the people Apple works with. Previously, the tech giant collaborated with Malaysian songbird Yuna, where Apple Music shone a spotlight on Southeast Asian musical talents via its Here’s to the Dreamers effort.

This time around, Today at Apple featured De Fam, a Malaysia hip-hop trio, for its opening spectacular. This isn’t the first time they’ve been tapped by the brand, though. For Raya, Apple Music partnered with the three ladies for a Raya Playlist Takeover, which features a compilation of their quintessential Raya hits both old and new. “As local artists, it was a really amazing opportunity to be highlighted on Apple Music,” they shared.