By Shifali Jain

Who Is Prince Mateen Of Brunei, The Former Most Eligible Bachelor In Asia?

GRAZIA gives you an insight into the royal's life.
prince mateen
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Asia’s most eligible bachelor is no longer a bachelor. Prince Abdul Mateen, exchanged vows with his longtime friend, Princess Anisha Rosnah, in a lavish 10-day celebration. Having amassed over two million followers on Instagram, the prince share a number of the celebrations on social media, giving an insight into traditional yet grandiose displays of each ceremony.

Although the prince shares glimpses of his many achievements and hobbies, he still manages to reserve a lot of his personal life from the online gaze, leaving fans curious about the man behind the royal persona. Unveiling the enigma, GRAZIA provides an in-depth look into the life of this Brunei royal.

Photo: @tmski Instagram

Who is Prince Mateen?

Born in 1991, the Brunei-born Prince Mateen is the tenth child and the fourth son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Although the prince is sixth in line to the throne, he boasts a substantial following of 2.7 million on Instagram, where he generously shares snippets of his life.

After completing his schooling in two of the most well-reputed schools in Brunei, Prince Mateen left for his military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK. Graduating as an officer cadet, he subsequently earned promotions in ranks, reaching the position of second lieutenant. Shortly after the prince went on to get a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Kings College London and later went on to get a master’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the school School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His never-ending thirst for knowledge has proven to be a beneficial factor as a working royal.

But this wasn’t the end of incredible feats, the Brunei royal underwent the rigorous training of being a pilot and was soon after qualified as a helicopter pilot at RAF Shawbury, which earned him his flying brevet from his father. Since then the royal has been seen making many state visits as well as meetings along with his father.

Prince mateen airforce
Photo: @tmski Instagram


Besides sharing with his followers all the royal engagements he actively participates in, he occasionally also shares his passion for the sport of polo on Instagram. He’s been representing his country in the Southeast Asian Games since 2017 but had been introduced to the sport very early on in his life by his father.

Apart from engaging in a competitive game of polo, the royal also likes to take nature hikes, swimming and boxing. The prince likes to maintain an active lifestyle and is constantly involved with a sport of his choice when he isn’t taking on royal duties.


Although Prince Mateen’s engagement to his now wife Anisha Rosnah was made back in October 2023 by his father Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, an unexpected announcement made by the prince on Instagram took the fans by surprise upon discovering that the royal was set to wed in just a couple of weeks.

After revelling in the grandeur festivities of the wedding, Prince Mateen took to social media to share the highlights, where he had managed to sneak a picture of himself and his now wife as toddlers. Fans then quickly came to understand that the pair go way back to when they were just children. Princess Anisha Rosnah is the granddaughter of the sultan’s special advisor which entailed the duo grew up spending a lot of time with one another.

Photo: @tmski Instagram

The duo had reportedly even managed to attend multiple events together discreetly without giving away their relationship status and only made themselves official during the announcement of their engagement. Since then the Brunei royal has posted countless images of him and his wife celebrating their union in a 10-day lavish wedding ceremony.

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