The Future of Fashion is Sustainable—So Why Not Your Vehicle Too?

For a car that’s as stylish and sustainable as you, the new BMW iX1 needs to be your go-to.

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It would not be entirely out of pocket to say that sustainability is shaping every aspect of our lives. We’re already making a more conscious decision to shop less fast fashion and thrift more, support local brands to minimise our carbon footprint and dine at farm-to-table restaurants. What next? Invest in a battery electric vehicle (BEV), we say.

The much talked about BMW iX1 has landed on our shores. From its monolithic design to powerful specs and beyond, the latest entry checks all the boxes for fashion fans who are attempting to live a more sustainable life without skimping on style.

A Sustainable Vehicle Built for Style

For starters, the BMW iX1 is perfect for female drivers—and we aren’t being discriminatory here. Most SUVs in the market are bulky in size and height, but not the iX1, as it’s the ideal proportion for those of us on the petite side. That said, if you’re an existing fan of the BMW Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) design, it’s still very much recognisable with its iconic double kidney grilles and 3D L-shaped lights in the rear. A hexagonal pattern on the side adds to the vehicle’s modern aesthetic, which is ultimately important as we want a ride as stylish as our wardrobe.

But wait, there’s more: there are six exterior colour variants to choose from with the iX1 and three upholstery options for the interior, leaving you with a healthy amount of choices to pick which shade spells out your personal style.

Reliable Throughout Your Day

In the grand scheme of things, however, we do want a vehicle that works—and the iX1 works extremely well, indeed. The BEV is your perfect companion for city driving, as it is equipped with innovative 5th-generation battery technology. It is a significant attraction, particularly for city driving as we are inherently stuck in the loop that is heavy traffic.

Think about all those times when you were running errands around the Klang Valley: brunch in Bangsar, a manicure appointment in Publika, dinner in the Kuala Lumpur city centre followed by a spontaneous drive around town after a night out? With a 440 km range on a single charge, you can now do all of these without worrying that you’ll run out of range. In fact, you might even have some to spare—one of the upsides of this upgrade is the fast charging speed: recharging at a high-power station for 10 minutes can add up to 120 km to the range.

You might be wondering, why is the BMW iX1 able to provide so much range? The answer lies in several energy-saving features:

  • The iX1 recuperates energy when it brakes.
  • It’s constructed out of lightweight materials.
  • An aerodynamic design reduces drag when you’re driving, which equals less power needed to move.

And if you enjoy going fast, the iX1 is definitely for you: it can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds—you’ll get all the speed, leaving no room to run behind on your busy schedule.

The Future of Driving, Made Uncomplicated

Having such a go-getter lifestyle as a city girl, driving shouldn’t be another chore to add to our to-do list. Hence, twiddling with a bunch of buttons is the last thing we need. Fortunately, the BMW iX1 comes with intuitive controls in the cockpit. There are fewer buttons for a fuss-free experience and the BMW Curved Display—the key interface to BMW iDrive.

Elsewhere, the BMW iX1 is endowed with intelligent solutions and groundbreaking driver assistance systems. The Reversing Assistant function, in particular, is an invaluable feature for those of us who are always on the go as it ensures stress-free manoeuvring and parking experiences. Parallel parking problems? We don’t know her.

Striking a perfect balance between luxury and functionality, the BMW iX1 is en route to deliver electrified sheer driving pleasure for any undertaking. Whether you’re looking to hop on to the electric bandwagon or simply looking for a stylish and functional on-the-go SAV, the BMW iX1 has the answers to all your questions.