By Men’s Folio

Bottega Veneta Celebrates International Bottegas In Its Latest Campaign

Coming into its second edition, Bottega Veneta continues to celebrate the best of craftsmanships in these 14 new bottegas hailing from different countries

Italian culture is prized for its intense passion for tradition. Throughout the realms of food, fashion and all the other facets that make up culture, the Italians have made it a point to protect and preserve centuries and years of artisanal know-how such that it not only endures with an almost patriotic fire today, it is still growing without a single need to be reinvented or repurposed for the contemporary time. It is romantic in its constancy, and that is what Bottega Veneta is choosing to laud in this love-filled campaign.

While the Italian house lent its spotlight to 12 specially selected bottegas last year, they made it a point expand their celebratory search to include other Italian culture-inspired bottegas from other parts of the world this year. Presented this month, the second campaign of Bottega for Bottegas thus presents 14 bottegas from places like Shanghai, New York, Vermont, Hong Kong, Japan, and of course Italy, to celebrate everything Italian, their unparalleled creativity and craft on Bottega Veneta’s various platforms.

In the curated list, look forward to an uncovering of the traditional Florentine technique for book binding, restoration and novelty items with a Japanese meticulousness at Ateliergk Firenze; Rockledge Farm Woodworks, a family-run workshop in Vermont that crafts exquisite handmade furniture from fine natural woods; traditional fresh pastas made by Je&Jo Pasta, run by the Yu family in Shanghai; the art of crafting the perfect espresso cup in a process inspired by traditional Japanese tea ceremonies at Yoshiaki Imamura — just to name a few.

Expect to see the myriad of culturally rich and patiently refined works on Bottega Veneta’s website, advertisements, newsletters, and in window displays that include a special custom display at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.