7 Boutique Gyms in KL to Keep to Your Fitness Resolve

Plus a way for you to stay fit even when you're at home.

Put a finger down if your annual New Year’s resolution is to work out more often. Yes? We know—there is no original experience here. Luckily, staying fit is as easy as booking a slot in the next available class at one of these boutique gyms in KL.

But why boutique gyms? For some, especially those new to working out, conventional gyms can be too intimidating. From complicated-looking gym equipment to muscly gym-goers that seem to be eyeing your every move, the conventional gym is a scary place to be. Boutique gyms, on the other hand, are smaller and tend to be more community-based. It also provides guided workout classes, so you’re not mindlessly swinging kettlebells and hurting your back.

Below, we compile a list of boutique gyms in KL so you can have your pick of types of workouts in any part of the city, minus the stress.

Boutique Gyms in KL

Stay Fit Even While At Home

Sound meditation on Apple Fitness+.

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