Etiquette for Gifting Flowers: Your Comprehensive Guide for All Occasions

Master the Language of Flowers: Choosing the Perfect Blossoms for Every Moment.
Gifting Flowers

From the first date to the wedding anniversary, for every occasion, it’s good to know which flowers to gift to convey the right message. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to do so, but which flowers should you give?

Whether it’s a first date, to celebrate a rekindled flame, for a romantic dinner, to celebrate an anniversary, or perhaps to ask for forgiveness for something: it’s important to know which flowers to give because each flower has a different meaning and in the language of flowers, it sends a very specific message.

Depending on the type of occasion, there is an ideal flower to give.

Here is the guide drawn up by the experts at Interflora.

Which Flowers to Gift? Here’s the Ultimate Guide


What Flowers to Give on a First Date

For the first date, it is good to convey what your intentions are. And why not do it through the language of flowers? Combining the passion of the red rose with the tenderness of the pink rose is a way to show the desire to get to know each other better, while the peony is a message of honour and honesty.

Blind Date

If it’s the first time we meet someone, and we still don’t know what they’re like and how the relationship might evolve, we can resort to a classic with no commitment, such as the tulip, which conveys affection and joy, ideal for starting a new acquaintance on the right foot.

Rekindled Flame

If, on the other hand, the person we have a romantic rendezvous with is an old flame, it’s good to be honest from the start, especially with ourselves. Since we know each other, and something didn’t go right before, we need to clarify and ask ourselves: what do we want from this meeting?

If the answer is just passion, let’s rely as always on roses; if instead, we want to build something more lasting, we can add some peonies. Known as roses without thorns, they are a flower full of romanticism, representing honesty, affection, prosperity, value, and nobility of soul.

Gifting Flowers

If You’re Just Friends (for Now)

If we want to give flowers to a friend, we can give them daisies, which represent simplicity. Its message is one of trust and total esteem towards the other; it is a flower full of affection and positivity, given between friends to consolidate a solid and lasting bond and to show affection and gratitude.

However, be careful, because sometimes it hides a shy love. If this is indeed the case, you can always add red roses, or for those who don’t want to be too daring, even red peonies can convey the same message, but with more discretion.

For Your Significant Other

If, on the other hand, you have been a couple for a long time, then you can resort to different options; what matters is to convey a message of union and solidarity, to consolidate the relationship and make the other person understand that you are a team.

The gerbera daisy, for example, is the flower of victory and satisfaction. It is a gift of affection and complicity, conveying harmony and understanding in the couple. Its similarity to the daisy and the sunflower, in turn, makes it a flower capable of transmitting energy, joy, and simplicity. Another flower that conveys joy is the tulip, especially the yellow one, the colour of the sun and a good mood.

Gifting Flowers

Flowers to Gift to Ask for Forgiveness

The orchid is the perfect flower for those who want to ask for forgiveness since it represents fertility and reconciliation. Indeed, precisely because of its shape, it is a symbol of fertility. It is the flower of love and beauty, but also of forgiveness. Not surprisingly, it is often used to mend a relationship and seek reconciliation. If we plan to give flowers to someone we owe apologies to, there is no better way to offer them than by presenting them with an orchid plant.

To Reignite Lost Passion?

The best way to reignite passion is to start courting your partner again, trying to break free from the routine that often causes a loss of enthusiasm and desire to explore, typical of the early days of a relationship.

It’s also possible to surprise with flowers, and while on one hand, the rose certainly conveys a clear message of love and passion – strictly red – on the other hand, you can add surprise elements, such as the gerbera, which symbolizes passionate love for one’s partner, as well as sealing a feeling of loyalty and complicity. Another red flower that communicates passion is the peony, simple and elegant at the same time.

The story originally appeared in GRAZIA International.