By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes December 11—17: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming

horoscope december 2023
Credit: Kimberlee Kessler

This week, Mercury stations to go retrograde Wednesday (AEST and GMT). The station kicks off a three-week period (until 1 January) when we’re likely to experience a bit more back and forth than usual. No need for a meltdown, instead plan for things to take longer than usual (think: traffic jams, meetings running over, delivery hold-ups) and have a Plan B at your fingertips to minimise mishaps.

Around the same time (Wednesday AEST, late Tuesday night GMT), a spicy new moon clears the decks in the Sagittarius part of your chart. The new year might not be upon us but thinking about where you’ll explore next – be it a road trip, a working holiday or even going back to university is a good way to work with the energy. Keep your plans loose and flexible and be open to refining over the coming weeks.

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This Mercury retrograde shakes things up around your career, especially over the next couple of weeks (until 23 December GMT). Take extra care when you’re being briefed and don’t feel shy to write a summary of meetings, sharing with the necessary parties afterwards. It’s not nerdy or sucky, it’s an act of self-preservation. A little extra legwork could alleviate going off-piste in weeks to come.


Booking flights? Finding hotels? Whatever’s filling out your to-do list this week make sure you’re giving it your full attention. Resist the temptation to confirm reservations or pay for travel on the go. Sit down, and give it your full attention. The margin for error is definitely there, but if you slow down and just focus on doing one thing at a time (no booking trips whilst binging The Crown with a large glass of Pinot Grigio) you’ll be OK.


It’s a big week for Gemmys with the retrograde cycle highlighting all things money. If you’ve been trying to keep things restrained, things could go backwards quickly without too much effort. Money also forms a background for what’s happening in your closest relationships. This week’s new moon invites you to explore a new approach in how you do intimacy. Be open to a new way of doing, sharing and spending together and remember this is just a pilot program, not a new rule forever more.


Ready to get moving? With the part of your chart guiding your health and well-being activated by this week’s new moon, now is the time to give your workout a reboot. With the Mercury retrograde also connected, finding a partner to join you on a 30-day challenge will make things feel way more doable. Speaking of partners, the next two weeks will be a time to revisit serious conversations with your other half – or what you’re looking for in someone if you’re single. Try not to make any rash plans, but instead give yourself time to flesh out different scenarios – it’s a time to explore and reflect, rather than move.


The sky is very clear this week: slow down and take your time. With Mercury stationing direct, co-workers, especially any you manage, could get the wrong end of the stick. If you’re having to brief anyone, put it in writing, preferably an email, no Slack. Meanwhile, the new moon in Sagittarius brings a spicy invitation to mix things up. If you’re in a relationship, the TikTok 30-day intimacy challenge could be a bit of fun. If you’re single, try fishing outside your usual spots and say yes to someone a little bit different.


Whichever hemisphere you’re in, we’re miles from spring… but even still there’s a big spring refresh feel to this week. With a new moon in Sagittarius inviting you to hit reset at home, clearing out clutter, changing up your décor or rethinking your feng shui will all feel extra satisfying. In other news, your ruling planet is also going retrograde. Slowing down and taking time to reflect and reassess will serve you well. Enjoy the change of pace and embrace the slowness.


Ready to change things up? With Sagittarius season highlighting your appetite for new experiences, this week is your chance to put your money where your mouth is and do things differently. Don’t freak out if it feels new and scary – this is a time to experiment and play rather than commit to something for the rest of your days. With Mercury going retrograde at home, reassessing decisions, choices or approaches within your family unit will also form a part of your new approach. Be brave, be spontaneous and try to lighten up.


How’s your cash sitch looking? This week, a new moon asks you to get a little bit more fluid with your finances. With the next lunar cycle highlighting all things money, there’s never been a better time to reframe your approach. Mercury retrograde brings an impermanence to proceedings so don’t feel panicked you’re committing to a new way of saving or spending for the long-term, instead set a goal to try something new.


New adventures abound this week with a shiny new moon inviting you to take a giant leap. The good news is, with both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde and in cahoots, there’s room to try new things without the fear of making a permanent mistake. Consider the next couple of weeks a time for experimentation and testing rather than locking down your five-year plan. Play, explore, and most of all have fun.


Mercury retrograde in your own home sign adds to the overall vibe to December for with the skies pointing to one message, and one message only: RELAX. With the planet ruling thoughts and ideas backing up, you might not feel quite as “on it” as usual. Don’t fight the haze, instead lean into it. Take leave if you can, schedule time off your devices and generally allow yourself time and space to refill your cup. It’s been a year, and you’ve well and truly earned an early mark.


As Mercury slows to a halt in the part of your chart ruling your subconscious, you could feel a little churned up this week. Like a dream where you’re on the edge of a building, looking down 50 floors, feeling overwhelmed or a little bit freaked out is natural. Whenever you’re feeling panic, come back to your body and focus on the here and now. With Jupiter and Mercury working together in earth signs, all you need to do is focus on the material facts to work out the next best step. Be pragmatic and be gentle with yourself. Asking for help is a ok.


There’s a sense of movement and energy to this week that should be a breath of fresh air for Pisceans. With a new moon igniting a fresh start at work, the wheels of change are definitely turning. But with Mercury retrograde kicking off around the same time, you may have to go backwards before you can go forward. Stay flexible and be prepared to revisit conversations and choices over the next couple of weeks before you can truly make inroads. Getting things right and exploring all options before you seal the deal will make for a more grounded approach longer term.