By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes July 31 – August 6: The Full Moon is a Great Time to Give Something or Someone the Flick

This week's full moon looks pretty solid for success against all odds, with Mars and Jupiter joining forces to support, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

The Aquarian full moon (2 Aug AEST, 1 August GMT) is a great moment for shaking things up. Paired with the playful feels of Venus retrograde and the bravado of Leo season, it delivers just what you need to take a leap of faith. If you’ve been thinking about giving something the flick (your credit card, vaping, or some other scourge on your physical and mental health), this full moon looks pretty solid for success against all odds. With Mars and Jupiter joining forces to support, you’ll have an extra boost of confidence to get started on the right foot.

On the 4th, Mercury enters its shadow period, which means the conversations and decisions we make could very likely become unstuck – or at least require further finessing  – once Mercury goes retrograde (23 August). No need to put life on hold, just expect that things could be delayed or unresolved in the weeks to come. If you plan for things to move slowly, you won’t be disappointed when they do.

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Embrace the buoyancy of Leo season and make plans to do something OTT – preferably with chosen family – on the full moon (1 August GMT, 2 August AEST). The reappearance of a friend with benefits could make the middle of the week a little spicy but if you do decide to go there, hold off until the weekend when the stars are juicier.


If you’re grasping for a fresh perspective on something – especially around your career or where you’re living – this might just be your week. With the full moon casting an eccentric light on your home/work axis, finding another way to approach an ongoing tension could finally land. Don’t get discouraged if your grand plan looks too hard by Thursday – the reality check is momentary.


With a full moon firing up your desire for freedom Monday/Tuesday, booking that trip you’ve been daydreaming about might be the little pick me up you didn’t know you needed. Be extra gentle with yourself on Thursday when you could feel a bit of a comedown after a few days of excitement. By the weekend you should be firing again. Shake it off with friends who make you feel like you’re on top of the world.


There’s an a-ha moment to be had on the first half of the week when the moon brings a completely fresh perspective to the way you approach your finances. By Wednesday you’ll be ready to rip the band aid off and start fresh, but a little speedbump on Thursday could bring you back down to earth. Take a leap of faith on the weekend and reach out to someone who could help you take your career to the next level.


You’re on fire this week with a full moon turning up the dial on your energy levels. Make the most of the Big Leo Energy and press go on something you’ve been holding back. The astro weather is also ripe for having courageous conversations – especially with people who play a really central role in your life. Tackle them before Thursday and schedule something fun and adventurous for the weekend.


In the lead-up to your home season, your best bet is staying in your own lane. There’s an unpredictable quality to the start of the week that could feel a little intense. Keep anxiety at bay by focussing on embodied practices and gentle movement – chi gong, yoga or breathwork will do nicely. Expect your significant other to be a little off on Thursday and you won’t be disappointed.


Next weekend looks like your juiciest moment this week, when the Sun and Moon beckon you to take a risk and do something courageous with your main squeeze. It’s bright, shiny weather to throw a few things into a bag and hit the road for the weekend. The full moon earlier in the week (Monday GMT, Tuesday AEST) also has potential for some out-of-the-box fun with friends. Giddy up!


There’s a palpable sense of relief in store this week as an issue related to your work/life balance reaches a crescendo. It’s a dance, and that push/pull needs to happen for you to find the perfect balance. Remember, things need to peak before they can resolve. After a dramatic start, you could feel a bit blah by Thursday and Friday. Trust that the lethargy is only a temporary vibe.


Where to next? A wildcard opportunity or idea involving travel could materialise this week, as the full moon in Aquarius dares you to venture into the unknown. It’s a fun, anything-could-happen start, that could make the back half of the week feel decidedly humdrum by comparison. Reframe your grown-up commitments like home/family/paying the bills as an anchor, rather than an albatross.


“Why haven’t I thought of this before?” It’s the question on everyone’s lips early this week – including yours. Rethinking your approach to money or coming up with a brilliant way to make your dollars stretch further is exactly the sort of genius plan that could fall into your lap under this week’s stars. Don’t be alarmed if someone close – especially a sibling – rubbishes your idea later in the week. You don’t need their buy-in.


All eyes are on you early in the week as the full moon casts an electrifying glow over your sense of identity and closest bonds. With Mars and Jupiter also in the mix, this is a great window to have courageous conversations. If there’s something that needs fixing, the sky is on your side to find a solution and forge a future beyond the banality of what’s expected. But it won’t happen without the courage to start the conversation. You can do this.


Hold onto your ring light, because Leo season is about to get dramatic! With the full moon kicking off the week igniting a moment of realisation, you could feel pulled in two opposite directions at work: to get involved, or hide under your doona? There’s no right or wrong answer, but know that if you don’t jump in, someone else will. Can you live with the FOMO? Only you know the answer…

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.