By Emma Vidgen


This week, gravitate toward the things that feel like home, says astrologer Emma Vidgen. Read your weekly horoscopes now.
August Horoscopes
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

There’s a yacht rock groove to this week, with a decidedly sentimental Venus taking her last floaty steps through Cancer. The time for reconnecting with things that refill your cup, bring you solace, and make you feel at home is now.

Monday through Thursday (GMT, through to Friday AEST) the skies are looking sweet for friends, family and your favourite recipes. Tuesday and Wednesday (AEST and GMT) are especially nice for doing something small but meaningful to show someone you care.

That’s not to say things are completely uncomplicated. With Mars and Uranus edging closer and closer together, there’s a friction building that will feel more intense as we get closer to Sunday. Like a bubble threatening to burst, the edginess will be hard to ignore. But it’s not a reason to discount the moments of sweetness and light on offer during the week. Take it as it comes and enjoy the pockets of joy as they appear.


A little interior therapy could be in order this week as Venus completes her last few days in the realm of home and real estate within your chart. With Neptune bolstering her creative vision, there’s never been a nicer time for a domestic glow-up. Rediscover the beauty of new bed linen and make sentimental pieces from your past (think scents, photos and trinkets) form the inspiration for a new look.


If you’re feeling a little antsy, don’t panic; it’s in the stars. As the astro weather activates your desire to take the lead, the tension is palpable. Give the energy somewhere to go with a commitment to movement and sweat (run, swim, box, whatever you fancy) all week. Remember it’s not a race – consistency trumps a binge every time. Show your mind the same care by leaning on dear friends, familiar playlists and beloved books.


The sky is primed for some luscious self-care this week. Investing in you is the order of the day as a new Pilates subscription or a ten-pack of HydraFacial proves just too tempting to resist. It’s a sweet escape from a crackly fractiousness that could be building just outside your field of vision. If you’re starting to second guess your intuition, don’t. There’s definitely a tension in the air but you needn’t take it on as your personal problem to fix. Enjoy the pampering and let yourself relax.


As the second half of Cancer season rolls on, you don’t need to look too far for sweetness to be found. Capitalise on the last few days of Venus on home turf by prioritising practices that make you feel nourished and restored. Prioritising that yoga class, revisiting a favourite restaurant or lashing out on a head spa will feel extra lush. With friends seeming a little “off”, there’s never been a better time to stay in your lane and focus on you.


You’re on fire and in flow straight out of the gate this week as the moon struts through your home sign. With Mercury also bringing the heat, saying what you mean and meaning what you say will come effortlessly. The spice of Leo energy is a nice balance to the otherwise warm and fluffy feels the Sun, Venus and Neptune are delivering until the weekend. Soak it up, and use the sparkle to sidestep any drama that’s brewing, especially on the work front.


The middle of the week looks especially sweet for Virgo folks as the moon and Jupiter join forces to ignite a little practical magic. With Venus and Neptune also in cahoots, doing something selfless for someone you truly value will be especially rewarding. Use the good vibes to propel you into the weekend, when you’ll have a little more equanimity and insight to deal with a situation that blew up (or caught you off guard) last week.


It’s time to milk the magic of Venus in Cancer while you still can (until Friday AEST and Thursday GMT). Reaching into your deepest stores of empathy and compassion gives you the power to heal and forgive on a profound level. Make the most of the Loved Up mood and make an effort to process a troubled relationship or situation that’s been causing you grief – even if it’s just making peace with it quietly on your own. Hold onto that composure over the weekend – even if you’re faced with some momentarily diva-ish behaviour from a friend.


There’s light and shade to this week that should keep things interesting, to say the least. As Neptune continues to play a starring role, getting a hard “ping” from Venus, you could find yourself feeling a little more nostalgic than usual. It’s nice weather for hooking up, taking off, or both! Venus’ shift into Leo (Thursday GMT, Friday AEST) signals a bit of drama at work, so be prepared for a little “don’t you know who I am” hijinks. Meanwhile, your ruling planet’s increasingly spicy dance with Uranus spells the possibility of a shock twist early next week. Consider yourself warned!


As the shadiness of Cancer season continues, there’s a flicker of light on the horizon for Sagittarians. With Mercury and the Moon igniting your appetite for all things faraway early in the week, travel – even if it’s just planning your next big trip – feels like the perfect antidote to recent weeks. In other news, a difficult conversation will feel a smidge less scary before Friday. Use the time to tackle the elephant in the room. There’s never been a better time than right now.


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the tidal wave of feelings currently lighting up your chart (thank Cancer season), rest assured this marks the last intense week for unflappable Caps. You could fight it, or you could lean into the sensitive stylings and let it ALL out. With Neptune lending support, getting in touch with your softer side has never been easier – or more liberating. If you’re in a relationship, planning something romantic, no matter how small is a lyrical way to work with the astro weather.


Forgiveness! Compassion! Romance! It’s all on the table this week. As Cancer season delivers another wave of big emotion, there’s some soul-searching to be done. It may not feel overly familiar, but consider what would happen if you ran towards the feels, rather than detaching or disassociating. By next weekend, the mood will shift again, and you will perhaps get a little more perspective on drama that blew up last week (even if it’s just to confirm that yes, that person is A LOT).


Brace yourself for another wave of connection, compassion and kindness as Cancer season continues to come up warm and cosy. With Venus and Neptune in-step most of the week (until Friday AEST and Thursday GMT), you’re afforded a very juicy window for creativity, romance and healing. You could use the energy to sink a lot of cocktails and lie by a pool all week… or you could tackle some big, deep hurts that need serious healing. One, or both, would be entirely appropriate uses of the astro energy; the choice is yours.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.