By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 26 – June 30: Neptune in Pisces Will Cast a Major Influence This Week

Time to take it slow. See: sleep-ins, slow cooking, spontaneous D&Ms.

With Cancer season in full swing, the planets are delivering one very clear message: take it slow. Sleep-ins, slow cooking, spontaneous D&Ms and a commitment to nourishing your nervous system should take priority over hustle and productivity. With a big watery peak mid-week (Wed GMT; Thursday AEST) there could be tears. If they come, let them flow. And if you enjoy a good cry, tee up something weepy on Netflix and go for gold.

In other news,  Neptune also casts a major influence over the week, meaning ambiguity will be a major theme. Don’t get cross if you feel like you’re being left hanging, just trust that things will come back into focus… maybe just not before the end of the week.

Hot tip: I always recommend you read your rising sign for the most resonant advice. If you don’t know it, you can work it out by casting your chart here. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of my book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart or find me on Instagram at @emma_vee  

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A bumpy start to the week (Monday, all time zones) could leave you feeling like you’re literally speaking a different language to the people around you. Sometimes, labouring your point isn’t worth the trouble…and this week is one of those times. Immerse yourself in nostalgia, good food and the company of people who understand you – even when it feels like everyone else doesn’t.


Slow or be slowed – that’s the medicine of this week. As Neptune cranks up the confusion, being extra clear with boundaries and expectations is a necessity this week. Say what you mean (and mean what you say) on Monday when a misunderstanding, potentially involving friends and money, could get out of hand. Mid-week, getting D&M with your significant other could be worth the vulnerability hangover.


Ambiguity is one thing you’re not often bothered by, and this week you’ll get to flex that nonchalance to full effect. With Neptune casting a hazy shade of weird over proceedings, staying open to all possibilities is essential. Once your ruling planet changes signs (Tuesday – all time zones), sensitivities increase. Brace yourself for a tidal wave of feelings. While you might not be the one crying, play it safe and keep the Kleenex handy.


The mellow mood intensifies this this week with Mercury joining the Sun (Tuesday – all time zones) to increase the BCE (Big Cancer Energy). Laying low and waiting to respond rather than hustling to make things happen will serve you wisely. That’s not to say there won’t be drama, but exactly how involved you want to be in it is entirely your prerogative. Choose your own adventure but be warned that things could get emo very quickly around the middle of the week. 


Comfy pants at the ready! This week’s astrology is all about going to ground. With your mood unusually insular and your overall energy levels taking a bit of a dip, the planets are excusing you from your usually sparkly social repartee. Despite your intentions to lay low, avoiding drama may be easier said than done. Expect folks to be a little hypersensitive at home mid-week and let foresight keep you cool under pressure.


All signs point to Out Of Office this week with Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun all conspiring for a less-is-more vibe. There’s potential to show off just how good you are at pivoting when plans change. Don’t let the opportunity to flex your problem-solving abilities pass you by. Remember that you often shine brightest when others gets side-tracked by big feelings, and this week, they most definitely will.


Your diplomatic skills will serve you well this week with Neptune setting the cat among the proverbial pigeons. While the confusion challenges your composure, trust that you have the wiles to take it in your stride. By the weekend things feel a little less tricky. Dig a little deeper and you might even glean some fresh insight out of the week’s emotional moments.


There’s an ocean of emotion rising up this week as the skies deliver all the feels. Mid-week looks the mushiest, when the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and the Sun bring on the waterworks. If you’re feeling brave, the window to bear your soul is open and truly poised for a no-holds-barred conversation. If you struggle with vulnerability, these skies will help you open up. 


It’s a shady old week with Cancer season stirring up stuff you thought you’d put to bed years ago. Connecting with your feelings and opening up has the potential for big catharsis – especially mid-week. Counselling, therapy or just leaning on the shoulder of a trusted friend will help you move through the big feelings and resurface the other side. By the weekend, things look a little less teary.


How are you feeling? Like, really, feeling? Connecting with your softer side will be a major theme this week as the skies turn up the dial on sensitivity – even for practical earthy types. Don’t panic, you don’t have to be the one suddenly going to pieces, but checking in on the people you love is always a nice idea. Sometimes just letting someone speak without rushing to try and “fix” their problem is enough. Let yourself be that person. 


Being vulnerable is not something you’re exactly famous for but opening up and sharing how you’re feeling could be worthwhile this week. With the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and the Sun striking a perfect harmony, the sky is set for D&Ms and emotional confessions. Whether you’re lending an ear, or bending an ear, don’t be afraid to get deep, or better yet, shed a few tears.


With your ruling planet playing a pivotal role this week you could feel like you’re surfing a tidal wave of emotions. Anchor yourself with grounding practices  – meditation, yoga, body work – to make sure you don’t get completely overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. You don’t have to take it all on by yourself. 

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.