By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes for May 27–June 2: Embrace the Most Delightful Week of the Year

The stars are aligned for a week of optimism, synchronicity and fun, says astrologer Emma Vidgen. Read your weekly horoscopes now.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

This week marks the beginning of 2024’s second act. The good news is, it’s a whole lot less gruelling than the first. As Jupiter and Pluto align for some life-affirming, transformative perspectives (Friday – Sunday all time zones), the Sun and Venus make the here and now *chefs kiss*.

With Super Gemini feels supercharging the mood, you’ll be hard-pressed not to notice the shift this week. Light, bright and playful, this is Ferris Buellers Day Off kind of space weather. Call in sick, borrow a convertible and fall in love.

The good times peak next weekend when the Sun and Venus set the scene for an extremely good time. What you end up doing may not be out of the ordinary, but expect everyone involved to be in their very finest form and ready to have a day/night to remember. And if you’re single, don’t be surprised if someone magic crosses your path, especially via mutual friends.

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Ready to shake it off? There’s a sense of resolve and optimism about this week, especially around your relationships. Whether it’s an olive branch from a family member who’s been on the out, or connecting with someone powerful in business, the sky is alight with potential for growth and opportunity. Mind your step early in the week when a confrontation could leave you feeling a little bit wobbly. After, that, the sky is the limit.


It’s all about cash money this week with the planets highlighting opportunities for abundance, collaboration and growth. With long and short-term goals aligning towards the end of the week, finding a new professional alliance or opportunity will be too good to pass up. Don’t second guess it, this has the potential to transform your career for years to come.


You’ll be full of the joie de vivre this week with three celestial bodies bringing the glow to everything you touch. It’s a bright and bouncy shift that will have you saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to whatever crosses your path. Enjoy the glow and stay open to possibility – especially in relationships over the weekend when an introduction could coincide with the beginning of a significant chapter.


If you’re feeling more low-key than usual, don’t be alarmed – it’s in the skies. While there’s every chance invitations are mounting in your inbox, the more you receive the less jazzed you’ll feel about leaving your cocoon. If this sounds familiar, know that things are unfolding exactly as they should. Honour your body’s rhythms and urge to go inward and pile on the indulgence, behind closed doors.


There are some weeks made for staying in and hiding under a blanket. This is not one of those weeks! After some major wins at work last week, now is the time to celebrate. Getting away next weekend with your ride-or-dies is the perfect way to capitalise on the party-up energy. If you’re single, a set-up through friends could actually hit the spot and have you feeling all the feels. Let this week be a season of “Yes”.


You’re coming up and out of the trenches this week with Jupiter bringing some much-needed illumination and lightness to your long and short-term visions. If you’ve been holding back on an important conversation with your manager, this is the perfect time to go for gold – especially after Wednesday. With Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun all offering support, getting to “Yes, of course you can work from Spain/have a raise/take three months off,” will be much easier than you ever expected. Be bold, ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it!


There’s sugar and spice to be had this week as Gemini season activates charm mode. Finding little ways to escape – whether it’s researching your next big trip or actually getting away for a few days (next weekend looks especially good), is the best way to work with energy. You don’t need to know the answer to everything right now, just enjoy things as they come. Lean into your natural comfort with ambiguity and enjoy the ride.


Talking about your feelings isn’t always easy but the sky is giving you a very clear directive this week: it’s time to open up. It needn’t be a professional (although really, who doesn’t love/need/want a good therapist? Even just confiding in a trusted confidante could be deeply cathartic. Trust your instinct to call on the person who first comes to mind, especially next weekend. They’ll be glad to hear from you.


Praise be! Things are looking up for Sagittarians with Jupiter now blazing through your relationship sphere. It’s the glow-up you never knew you needed, helping you to put the people who matter most in your life, first. Prioritise play and laughter and all the stuff you love to do with those who matter most (not just romantic partners). Next weekend is a window to fall in love all over again, or for the very first time (if you’re single).


Finding pleasure and joy in the little things is the order du jour for Capricorns. Now Jupiter has moved into the realm of your day-to-day, it’s all about finding meaning in the minutiae of everyday life. Detail, routines and rituals like getting your morning coffee – look for ways, and people, who can make those little everyday moments richer. Laughter, banter and connection are highly recommended, especially next weekend when the energy – and happiness – peaks.


Banter for the sake of banter, spontaneous catchups, team sports or dominating pub trivia (or just any kind of group activity!). There’s a lot to like about this week. With the “fun” corner of your chart fully activated, this may be the sweetest week of the year for low-key amazing moments. It’s not that anything is out of the ordinary, but in hindsight, these days and nights could be your new benchmark for a “most excellent time”. Lap it up!


Gratitude, joy and laughter are all on offer this week with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun bringing all the golden highlights you’ve been yearning for, to your home life. Expect to find yourself swept away in those “gosh I’m lucky” moments and give yourself the space to really soak them up – especially next weekend when your cup runneth over with family/home goodness.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.