By Anandhi Gopinath

Huawei Combines High Tech and High Fashion with the New Huawei Watch GT 4 Smartwatch

With its superior aesthetics, pro-level health management capabilities, and impressive battery life, the new HUAWEI Watch GT 4 is the ultimate accessory for the style-centric urbanite.

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In the present era of wearable technology, all smartwatches are not created equal. There are multiple options available for today’s discerning consumers depending on what their needs are. From the tech-savvy to the health-conscious and the fitness-focused, there is a watch for everyone. But with its new HUAWEI Watch GT 4, HUAWEI is combining some of the most asked-for features with industry-defining aesthetics for the ultimate piece of wearable tech that is as fashion-forward as it is technologically advanced.

Available in 41mm and 46mm sizes, the new HUAWEI Watch GT 4 boasts a design that gets its cues from the fashion runways of the world. The masculine and dynamic watch face boasts distinctive geometric lines with its octagonal dial design, inspired by the precision of brilliant-cut diamonds and the aerodynamic silhouette found in performance cars. Meanwhile, the lithe and elegant watch face dazzles with a fashionable pendant design, elevating the timepiece to new heights of sophistication.

The straps have also been custom-designed to lend a stylish air to the watches—the 46mm model comes with a green woven strap, a brown leather strap, and a stainless-steel bracelet, while the more feminine-inspired 41mm watch is fitted with a white leather strap and a stainless-steel bracelet. Since this is a smartwatch that is meant to accompany the wearer on all types of adventures, both models also come with a sturdy and supple black fluoroelastomer rubber strap. All seven straps ensure that the HUAWEI Watch GT 4 smartwatches seamlessly fit into a contemporary sense of style—the watch is not just a tool, but a stylish personal accessory.

But the aesthetic aspects don’t stop there. With more than a whopping 25,000 exquisite watch faces to choose from including the Blooming watch face, which flowers as daily activity data grows, and Always On Display watch faces, an idle moment is all you need to experience something new. But there is also the option of customising the watch face to suit your specific needs—tailored functions, styles, and colour schemes showcase a more creative side while custom widgets ensure seamless switching between apps.

While a smartwatch can never replace the attention of a medical and health professional, it does empower the wearer to better manage aspects of their well-being. In this regard, the HUAWEI Watch GT 4 gets full marks with its full suite of sensors and algorithms to provide accurate and detailed health information. For example, HUAWEI’s TruSeen 5.5+ technology enhances the accuracy of heart rate readings by harnessing eight photoelectric sensors, two groups of light sources, a better AI algorithm, and a curved glass lens. With the TruSeen 5.5+ comes the new TruSleep 3.0 tech. This includes Sleep Monitoring, which will track your sleep cycles and help you improve your sleep habits. Additionally, Sleep Breathing Awareness keeps an eye on your heart rate and SpO2 while you sleep and will alert you to any breathing issues.

An ever-ready stress monitor tracks any daily trials and tribulations, and upon sensing heightened stress, the screen will flash with calming breath exercises to help ease your mind. It is not just diagnostics, but providing the wearer with actual tips to assist with a given situation when they are not in the position to come up with one themselves. Another new addition is the Menstrual Cycle Management 3.0., which is reportedly 15 per cent more accurate in first-day period predictions than mainstream smartwatches. This tech tracks the heart rate during sleep, sleep temperature, and other physiological factors to predict periods and record symptoms in real time.

HUAWEI’s suite of services extends to wellness and fitness as well, with updates that allow it to track more than 100 sporting modes. With new sports trackers for football, basketball, and padel, in addition to the myriad of walking, running, cycling, and swimming workouts, it is time to hit the court or hunker down with a vast array of real-time data to make the most out of every movement. Frequent runners will especially appreciate a smart satellite antenna that boosts the accuracy of the GNSS signals in the 46mm model, which keeps you on track even in parks or residential units—traditionally, this is harder for a smartwatch to audit. The watch’s smart fusion positioning algorithm means its tracking capabilities are increasingly accurate the more times you run, and even allows you to enjoy the convenience of voice guidance when running.

In order to encourage more Malaysian HUAWEI Watch users to be more fit and healthy, HUAWEI Malaysia will be running “Light Up Your Rings” activity starting from 9th October. For more information, users can click into HUAWEI Health App or HUAWEI official website.

HUAWEI Watch GT 4 aims to be more than a health and fitness accessory with its myriad options that make your life easier. For example, it supports independent music playback so you can set playlists in the corresponding phone app and match them to any part of your day so you can get in the grove even if your phone isn’t on your person. Manage your schedule and track your to-dos from the watch’s Calendar app, to stay productive, proactive, and professional, view messages on your watch and choose to reply with a preset quick text message or emoji, or answer calls via various apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and many more. With the HUAWEI Watch GT 4, you can experience seamless communication with just a flick of the wrist. HUAWEI Watch GT 4, compatible with both iOS and Android users, boasts impressive battery life—a full charge lasts 14 days for the 46mm, or seven days with the 41mm.

HUAWEI WATCH GT4 is available for pre-order from 5-13 October 2023, from RM1,099. Pre-order now on the HUAWEI official website, Huawei’s flagship store on Lazada and HUAWEI‘s official store on Shopee to enjoy gifts worth up to RM580.