By Ava Gilchrist

Samantha Jones is Bringing Sex and the City to the Second Season of ‘And Just Like That’ in a Brief Cameo

And just like that… our favourite PR Executive is back on the scene.
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This is not a drill: Kim Cattrall is reprising her role as Samantha Jones in And Just Like That.

We couldn’t help but wonder what was in Kim Cattrall’s contract (or better still, what was left out of it) that got the 66-year-old actress to reprise her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the upcoming second season of And Just Like That? 

New reports have confirmed that Cattrall is heading back to her roots (and possibly Samantha’s iconic Meatpacking District apartment) by making a rare, albeit highly-anticipated, cameo in the season finale of HBO’s reboot of Sex And The City. 

As per sources, Cattrall-as-Jones will appear in one scene during the tenth episode of And Just Like That, a scene she will star in alone with reports claiming the actress shot the sequence in New York without seeing or speaking to any of her former co-stars. 

The band may not be back together per se—though we have plenty of brunches and boozy bar montages with Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda to last us a lifetime—but seeing our favourite “PR executive and unmarried woman” on our screens and not just via a cell phone is cause for celebration.

We’re thanking the powers at be that they didn’t decide to give Samantha the Big treatment and ride her character out of the show on a gilded peloton. 

In the reboot’s first season, Samantha made the uncharacteristic trans-Atlantic voyage to London after a falling out with Carrie. The loosely threaded reason the show writers gave was that the former best friends fell out after Carrie fired Samantha as her publicist. 

“I told her that because of what the book business is now, it didn’t make sense for me to keep her on as a publicist. She said fine and then fired me as a friend,” Carrie told Miranda (and viewers) within the first ten minutes of season one. 

However, after reconnecting after Big’s passing, the season finished with Samantha and Carrie agreeing to a cosmopolitan while Carrie was in Paris. Cattrall filmed her solo scene in New York, with the contents of the clip revolving around a phone call with Carrie. 

Given Samantha’s history of iconic phone conversations—see: responding “who is this” after hearing the news that one of her flings ended his relationship with his wife to be with her—we’re sure that this scene will have the power to define television history.  The girls, gays and theys rallying behind Cattrall are ready to hand her a prime-time Emmy Award based on this news alone.

Especially considering the actress once famously said the most important word in her career is ‘no’, we’re curious to know the circumstances that saw Cattrall turn her firm opposition against starring as Samantha into a yes. 

Cattrall has mentioned numerous times that reprising the role wasn’t something that was creatively fulfilling to her, with the star describing the plot written for Samantha as “not progressing”.

We’re unsure if moving from a virtual persona to a physical on-screen presence is bona fide progress for the character, but if it’s good enough for Cattrall it’s good enough for us. Now, to get Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker in the same room together…

Watch the trailer of And Just Like That season two below:

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