By Hannah Mendonca

Who is London’s Tube Girl? The New Trend that has Taken TikTok by Storm

Confidence has arrived at the station.
Sabrina Bahsoon modelling on the tube
Instagram @sabrinabahsoon

On your daily commute, you would typically just be on your phone or listen to some tunes or maybe just read a book. Well, not if you’re #TubeGirl Sabrina Bahsoon.

Sabrina knows how to turn a monotonous tube ride into her very own iconic music video moment. She dances like no ones watching, when in fact everyone is watching.


Based in the UK on the outskirts of London, Sabrina is a recent law graduate from the University of Durham. The 22-year-old is from Malaysia and is of South Asian, Lebanese and Sierra Leonean roots.

Currently signed to a modelling agency based in London called The Hive, Sabrina became a viral sensation last month after she self-filmed a video of herself dancing on the London underground.


On August 13, 2023, she posted a video to the hit song “Where Dem Girls At”, hyping herself up while she rode the tube. She exudes star confidence as she dances totally carefree being her unapologetic self.

She posted the video masterfully using the 0.5 lens on her phone with no expectations and to her surprise it went viral. At first she wanted someone to film her but after they refused, she took matters into her own hands.

Her first video has garnered nearly 9 millon views and the ones after are also racking up the attention of millions globally, making Sabrina’s #TheTubeGirlEffect a meteoric success.


This trendsetter, with her brazen confidence and killer style, is living her best life and is completely unbothered by the what people think. Her fearless and bold self is evident in her videos.

Naturally in the videos, her fearless and bold self is evident but she’s admitted she does get nervous when producing the content. In her videos, she humbly mentions that she practices before filming on the carriage, thus spreading a positive message that no one is perfect. She empowers people to embrace themselves and wave goodbye to social anxiety.


Many around the world have hopped on the trend and are trying to recreate Sabrina’s iconic energy. Among them are influencers like Abbie Herbert and Bella Porch.

Tiktok influencers hopping on the tube girl trend

And it appears many big brands have clocked on to the trend. During London Fashion Week, Sabrina partnered with beauty giant M.A.C cosmetics where she made her runway debut for their first-ever fashion show in the UK capital.

Hugo Boss also tapped Sabrina for their showcase during Milan Fashion Week. Tube Girl was producing backstage content with a number of the stars who attended the show which, naturally, went viral on TikTok.

It’s safe to say, this girl on the train is going places far beyond London’s Zone 1!

This story first appeared on GRAZIA Middle East.