Unboxing the New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Hello from the other side.

If the previous generations of Galaxy foldable didn’t already catch your eye, best believe that the latest one will. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5 particularly makes a strong case for why you should join the flip side. Unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event last month, the pocketable smartphone remains high on nostalgia but finds its place in the modern world with a series of upgrades.

Before we go into details on what makes the Galaxy Z Flip5 so special, let’s see what we’re working with:

Like many of Samsung’s premium offerings, the Galaxy Z Flip5 comes in a matte black box. The packaging is lean in size but that is a given since the brand, like many of its contemporaries, has decided to do away with earphones and charger plugs to minimise the impact its products have on the environment. After all, sustainability is increasingly becoming a make-or-break factor for Galaxy users.

What the box does contain is just what you need: A USB-C cable, a warranty card, a quick start guide, a SIM ejection pin, and the device itself. At first glance, the Galaxy Z Flip5 seems to carry forward its predecessor’s design details—and it does, especially dimension-wise. The retro-futuristic clamshell style still makes our hearts flutter and the minimalist Cream hue speaks to us on a spiritual level. 

But a closer look will reveal the new 3.4-inch Flex Window—3.78 times larger than the previous model’s cover screen. What this means is that you can now launch the rear dual camera and snap some selfies. The enlarged screen also makes accessing other functions easier, whether to reply to messages, make calls, or play songs—the Flex Window is endlessly customisable.

The next big thing that deserves a shout-out is the new integrated hinge module, Flex Hinge. Boasting a dual rail structure, this feature enhances both compactness and portability. It also provides better device protection as it diffuses external impacts. Speaking of safeguarding specs, a shock dispersion layer has been added to the main screen for users’ peace of mind.

While we’re on it, the Galaxy Z Flip5 uses the same 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X main screen from before. So, performing daily tasks (read: streaming our favourite movies and TV shows) is just as pleasant. This, coupled with the latest processor that promises a long battery life and strong performance, has got us all excited to put the device to the test.

Stay tuned for our full review.