Cruising Around in the Stylish and Sporty Volkswagen Arteon R-Line 4MOTION

Race you to the showroom.
Volkswagen Arteon review

Driving the lapis blue Volkswagen Arteon R-Line 4MOTION on a long expressway comes with a certain type of thrill. While you’re keeping your eyes on the road, others have theirs on you—and you can’t really blame them. The four-door fastback has a way of doing that. Its dynamic design, anchored by a sleek character line that runs seamlessly around the car, is the very epitome of the phrase bold and beautiful. Keep reading for the full scoop of our Volkswagen Arteon review.

The clamshell hood is integral in bestowing the Arteon its sultry curves, sloping down to the chrome grill, which pairs perfectly with the blue or the manganese grey if one is going the quiet luxury route, where a light strip with signature LED headlights is laid. More than meets the eye, the car is equipped with All Weather Light that comes in handy, especially during a downpour and some visibility-enhancing is needed.

On the inside, the flagship vehicle boasts a fine amalgamation of elegance and enjoyment. Its ErgoComfort seats, for instance, promise to remedy travel fatigue before it even sets in with the Nappa Carbon leather covers. But the best is yet to come: the driver gets an extra layer of luxury on the road with 14-way adjustment options and a massage function. It is certainly a blessing for those who fancy long-distance drives.

Speaking of which, the Volkswagen Arteon guarantees a worry-free road trip experience with the IQ.DRIVE technology—an upgrade in this year’s rollout. The features here include Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist. While the former detects vehicles ahead and adjusts the speed of the car accordingly, the latter monitors the road ahead and has the ability to brake on its own—a potentially life-saving spec in case of emergency.

That said, it is fairly easy to stay present in the new Arteon, not least because of its easy connectivity. The Digital Cockpit behind the steering wheel ensures all pertinent information can be accessed immediately and the Discover Pro infotainment system, which comes with voice and gesture control, features wireless interactivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give you full control over navigation, calls, and more.

Stuck in traffic and feel like having your own Carpool Karaoke session to decompress? Just put the Harman Kardon 700-watt audio system to use and be immersed in the vibrant acoustics resonating from the 12 perfectly placed speakers. Oh, there’s ambient lighting too, with a selection of 30 colours with adjustable intensity to elevate your journey in the Arteon. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.