Here’s Why Western Australia Should Be Your Next Adventure Destination

From Albany to Esperance, a road trip is what’s missing from your travel checklist.
western australia travel
Lucky Bay, Esperance. (Image: Tourism Western Australia)

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. We’ve all seen and heard of the cities most will consider when travelling to Australia. However, if you’re seeking a different experience where nature is in abundance instead of tourists, may we suggest Western Australia? 

With its vast landscapes and pristine coastlines, the Western Australia journey calls for an intrepid traveller. It may not be the most glamorous, but embarking on a road trip from Australia’s South West to the Golden Outback promises a scenic drive and a soul-soothing encounter with nature’s grandeur. Expect mountains, white sandy beaches, national parks in abundance, food and wine, and brag-worthy pictures in every corner. But more than that, meeting the locals and understanding the stories behind their work is more than enough from the journey itself.

First stop: Albany

Begin your road trip in Albany—a five-hour drive southeast of Perth. If you opt for flights, it will be an hour. Rex Airlines does that. Throughout the journey, it’s easiest to explore by car. What’s special about Albany is that it’s perched on the edge of the Southern Ocean. Before the arrival of European settlers, the Albany region was the ancestral country, or boodja, predominantly inhabited by the Menang people, an integral part of the broader Noongar nation. Referred to as Kinjarling, which translates to “place of rain”, this land bears witness to an enduring Aboriginal presence, with evidence dating back an impressive 25,000 years. 

Do yourself a favour and book a tour to really explore all the nooks and crannies of the area. It’s the tiniest details that will make your trip more eventful. We did ours with Busy Blue Bus and left with a world of knowledge of the city’s history, and Susan, our local guide fed us with facts from the wildflower names at Torndirrup National Park to how the cultural burning of the Indigenous in the past may have helped reduce the intensity of bushfires. When speaking of Albany as a striking backdrop, the overhanging lookouts and boardwalks at Natural Bridge and the Gap—where you can palpably sense the thrilling sound of crashing waves—is a place that one has to be there for the full sight and sound experience. Ten out of ten. 

Albany, located in the heart of the Great Southern Wine Region, is celebrated for its exceptional wine varieties such as chardonnay, riesling, and pinot noir. Experience a refreshing wine tasting at the organic and regenerative Oranje Tractor vineyard and cellar door, where Murray, the owner also gives net zero tours that extend beyond the bottle to encompass treading lightly on the earth. From the luscious bounty of apples to creamy avocados and cherries, their orchard showcases a remarkable diversity nurtured by their journey towards achieving Net Zero Now status. The tour provides insight into cultivating thriving plants laden with nutrient-rich yields while minimizing inputs. If you prefer spirits, award-winning Limeburners whisky is where it’s at.

If you happen to be in Albany on a Saturday, have an early start by visiting the Albany Farmer’s Market. Running from 8am to 12pm in the heart of Albany’s historic CBD, this market serves as a hub for local growers to directly sell their goods to consumers. It’s an opportunity for both locals and visitors to enjoy quality produce sourced from the region. You’ll also experience a palpable sense of community amidst its intimate ambience. As the day gently bowed to dusk, find yourself in quiet anticipation waiting for the sun to set at Albany Wind Farm where the views are breathtaking. As one of the largest wind farms in Australia, the turbines lower Western Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 77, 000 tonnes per year. 

Albany Wind Farm. (Image: Tourism Western Australia)

Denmark, located just a 40-minute drive west of Albany, is the welcoming entrance to William Bay National Park. Take a dip or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Greens Pool, embraced by colossal granite boulders. Move down to Elephant Rocks, where the huge boulders resemble a herd of elephants moving out to sea. Soar to new heights at Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, which features a walkway hovering 40 metres above the ground. Take in spectacular views of majestic—and centuries-old—endemic tingle trees, or stay grounded on the nature trail below. 

Situated on the charming 880-acre family-operated farm known as Raintree, The Dam is just a 10-minute drive from town towards William Bay. Raintree operates as a diverse agri-business, supporting over 200 black Angus cattle and nurturing more than eight acres of Cannabis sativa (hemp) annually, legally. Additionally, the farm boasts 2500 deciduous oak trees producing the acclaimed French black truffle and propagates 2 tonnes of marron across several dams—with plans to increase. You’ll get to enjoy this diverse range of sustainably produced products, and have food and drink at their seasonal bar and restaurant.

western australia travel
Greens Pool, Denmark. (Image: Tourism Western Australia)

Next stop: Esperance

Now, within Australia’s Golden Outback, Esperance boasts some of the most stunning and unspoiled beaches in Australia. With powdery white sands meeting the crystal-clear waters of the Southern Ocean, the scenery at Lucky Bay (voted the best beach in the world) is extraordinary. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find kangaroos lazing along the shoreline. Esperance is approximately 700km from Perth. For the adventurous, pitch a tent at one of the local campgrounds at Le Grand Beach or Lucky Bay Campgrounds to explore the vast Cape Le Grand National Park

western australia travel
Fly Esperance, Esperance. (Image: Tourism Western Australia)

A guided tour by land, air and sea is by far the best way to soak in Esperance. The views are magnificent, and stories by the locals who are passionate about what they do are enlightening. Fly Esperance and Tour Esperance will bring you on a scenic flight overlooking the amazing Pink and Rainbow Lakes.

On land, you’ll get to sit in a 4X4 vehicle traversing up to 50km of white sand beaches, a 45-degree incline to the top of Wylie Rock for a panoramic view of the bay and beautiful sand dunes near Wylie Bay in the east of Esperance. If you’re up for a hike, try the Frenchman Peak Walktrail. If you’d like to see some sea lions, try the Esperance Island Cruises. But if you just want to relax with a couple of beers in hand, Lucky Bay Brewing it is. 

During our stay in Esperance, we had the pleasure of lodging at the charming Esperance Chalet Village. Here’s what’s up. We were reluctant to leave. Unlike your typical hotel accommodation, these rustic cabins have been meticulously renovated and styled—nestled among trees. The options for outdoor activities are in the form of biking and kayaking, and the convenience of having a barbecue area at the back of each cabin adds to the allure.

A Western Australia road trip should last at least two weeks. Just a couple of days is rarely enough to take it all in, as when you’re there, you’ll hear yourself taking slower, deeper breaths and appreciating each present moment. Each day will be filled with vivid memories—ours sure did—and that’s what we hope you’ll experience too.

How to Get There

If you haven’t explored Western Australia, you should really start planning. Scoot has the flights you need from Kuala Lumpur to Perth (wallet-friendly, if we may add).