Reaching for the Stars with the All-New Vivo V29

The hottest accessory of the season is neither a bag nor a bauble.

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Pics or it didn’t happen.” 

Imagine telling your friends that you sat at the front row of a fashion show in Milan, rocked out to You Belong With Me at the Eras tour when Taylor Swift briefly—yet definitely—glanced into your Swiftie soul, or dined like kings at One & Only Desaru Coast’s Gourmet Series, only to get the “Sure, Jan” treatment in return. Luckily, you have those memories safely stored (in high resolution no less!) on your shiny new vivo V29.

Crafted to be an essential accessory for the trendsetters, the next “It bag” of smartphones, if you will, the V29 resonates with the growing trend in fashion especially with its Starry Purple design. Remember that statement purple Valentino three-piece that Florence Pugh wore ahead of the Don’t Worry Darling premiere? Vibrant violet immediately took off and showed up on the glitziest runways including Versace’s for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection.  

Inspired by the concept of the Milky Way, the phone’s dazzling starry design and rear craftsmanship texture is the result of an industry-first innovation that utilises invisible magnetic forces to control nine million magnetic particles, forming specific patterns. This, combined with the ultra-slim curved screen that weighs 186g and has a thickness of 7.46mm, makes you feel as though the entire night sky fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

But the design is only one of the reasons why the V29 is the most powerful high-midrange smartphone lineup in the market today. Its flagship-level portrait shooting capabilities too are leagues above its contemporaries. So, if you’re having a great hair day or your makeup is on point, go ahead and snap some selfies for the ‘gram as the Aura Portrait 2.0—the biggest aura light in the V series—provides brighter and more even supplementary lighting. 

Also, say goodbye to inconsistent photo composition and save all those hours on editing apps just to get that natural-looking shot as the upgraded soft ring light comes with Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment. This advanced technology, which is another major improvement from the older V27, promises to illuminate your face and adjust colour temperature to harmonise it with that of the ambient light. 

While we’re on the subject, the V29 boasts a camera system that’s tailor-made for those who live for the city nightlife. Hoping to take a shot of Teddy from Kiki House of Neverland voguing the night away at a dimly-lit hotspot? Just start snapping and put the extensive 12GB + 512GB ROM storage to use as the phone’s 50MP OIS Ultra Sensing Camera with a 1/1.57-inch sensor enables the lenses to let in more light and deliver brighter night images. Blurry photos? We don’t know her. 

You need not worry about the phone running out of juice either as the V29 guarantees a long-lasting performance with its substantial 4600mAh battery. But if by some rotten luck you find yourself scampering for a charging port—it happens when you’re engrossed in your latest streaming obsessions and the 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED Display that produces brighter and more dynamic colours doesn’t make it any easier—just know that the 80W fast charging function allows the phone to reach 50 per cent in 18 minutes, less than an hour to get it fully charged.

A powerful device designed to satiate the needs of the smart and the stylish, the vivo V29 is the fashion disruptor that you didn’t see coming. Its effortlessly elegant design speaks for itself and its game-changing portrait technology, anchored by the Aura Portrait 2.0 feature, offers modern trendsetters such as yourself the best of both worlds. It is the accessory that will take over the front row of fashion shows in the months to come—you heard it here first.