Spirit Forward: A Royal Edition of Royal Salute, and a Young Whisky Brand

A blend of old and new.

Spirit Forward is a series documenting the latest releases in the world of drinks. In this edition, we dive into something new and something old—and both are worth it.

Exclusive Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition

Royal Salute first came into fruition as a coronation gift for Queen Elizabeth back in 1953—hence it only made sense that the brand created a special edition to mark the new king’s coronation: King Charles. The Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition is the result of that, a coveted expression comprising a blend of 53 rare malt and grain whiskies—a nod to the year 1953. Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop has done it once again, creating a blend that mirrors the legacy of the British monarchy: rich and complex. He said,

“This expression is a momentous tribute to both the British Monarchy and Royal Salute’s unique origin story. I wanted to mark this memorable occasion with a blend that was as iconic and special as the original Royal Salute 21 Year Old Signature Blend that was created in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Crafting this blend has been the perfect occasion to reflect on the innovative approach we’ve taken to blending whisky for the past 70 years, and a moment to look forward to what can be achieved in years to come.”

Sandy Hyslop, Royal Salute Master Blender

The whisky features notes of fresh redcurrants, dark chocolate praline, and roasted chestnuts, while on the palate you’ll taste (if you dare open it) sweet figs and fresh ginger, ending with a spicy, long finish.

Naturally, a whisky of this significance has to be limited. There are only 500 bottles available internationally, and only one bottle is available for sale in Malaysia at RM118,000. Housed in a Dartington Crystal decanter, the Royal Salute Coronation bottle is a deep sapphire blue, which is in reference to the sapphire stones on the Imperial State Crown. The bottle will be secured in a wooden box, whose design details are inspired by the Westminster Abbey.

Keen on getting the only bottle in Malaysia for yourself? It is available through direct purchase from Pernod Ricard Malaysia. For purchasing inquiries, contact the Pernod Ricard Malaysia office at +603-7953 8800.

Meikle Toir

From the depths of The GlenAllachie Distillery comes a brand new portfolio; a peated single malt brand named Meikle Tòir (pronounced mee-kuhl tor). Peated whiskies are typically associated with the Islay region in Scotland, hence it was quite a rarity to have this one originate from Speyside—which was whisky veteran Billy Walker’s goal. Premium mainland peat is predominantly used to create Meikle Toir whiskies, which imparts that oaky, sweet smoke style.

As for now, the young brand only has four expressions to its name: The Original, The Sherry One, The Chinquapin One, and The Turbo. The Original serves as the brand’s signature blend, a classic single malt that features the brand’s peated expression with peat sourced from St. Fergus, making it sweeter than coastal peat. The Sherry One is perfect for those who love sherry cask whiskies, and this sweeter, fruit-forward expression is matured in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks.

Fancy something even sweeter than a sherry cask? Try The Chinquapin One, which is aged in Chinquapin Virgin Oak casks to impart notes that are sweet and spicy, with toasted nuts that complement the peat smoke. However, if it’s a full-on peated whisky you’re looking for, we recommend The Turbo. Measuring at 71ppm for the peat factor, The Turbo is punchy and multifaceted, thanks to a combined blend of three American Virgin Oak casks and five Oloroso casks. It boasts a flavour profile of charred oak, hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee.

The Meikle Toir range is now available in Malaysia via AsiaEuro Wines & Spirits with a price range of MYR450-MYR465.