The L’Or de Jean Martell 1715 Assemblage du Lapin Hops into Malaysia

Will the rabbit make it into your collection of zodiac cognacs?
l'or de jean martell

We might be nearing the end of the Year of the Rabbit, but Martell pulls out all the stops to ensure the celebration doesn’t end with the L’Or de Jean Martell 1715 Assemblage du Lapin finally made available in Malaysia.

For the uninitiated, the L’Or de Jean Martell 1715 cognac is one of Martell’s most celebrated expressions, so exquisite that it was named after the brand’s founder. The cognac comprises 700 eaux-de-vie, blended together with fine precision to achieve that signature aroma and flavour profile. These are no ordinary eaux-de-vie either—before blending, they’re carefully preserved in Dames-Jeannes glass demijohns that are traditionally used in the Cognac region, biding their time. These Dames-Jeannes are kept inside the Jean Martell cellar, where the house’s oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie are kept.

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l'or de jean martell

As for the L’Or de Jean Martell 1715 Assemblage du Lapin—also known as the Martell Zodiac Rabbit—it is a little more special than the others. Not only is it the second zodiac iteration to be released after the first one, the Assemblage du Tigre, but it also has an exquisite blend worth mentioning. Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud has taken the signature flavour profile of the L’Or de Jean Martell 1715 and further enriched it with rare vintage eaux-de-vie from previous Years of the Rabbit. The resulting cognac is sweet, well-balanced, elegant on the nose and palate, and has a delightfully long finish with a rich intensity.

The decanter too, is as elegant as the golden liquid within. Made of crystal and painted in gold, it also comes with a crystal stopper in the shape of a rabbit’s head—all crafted by Daum. Each crystal stopper is numbered, so you know you’re really getting a limited piece of history. In fact, there are only 30 bottles available in Malaysia, and each one retails for a cool RM55,000. What say you—would you be hopping mad if you couldn’t get this bottle as part of your collection?