7 Eco-Fashion Brands and Platforms to Shop From 

One step forward to creating a sustainable wardrobe.
Photo Courtesy of WES Studio

The term eco-fashion is not foreign in today’s climate, especially with shoppers who are more conscious about our fashion purchases. The price tags are not the only factor that affects our buying decision and with the growing environmental awareness, we demand better-made—in every aspect—garments, from using only ethically sourced materials to having timeless designs and durable fabrics that would last. 

While sustainable fashion communities like Fashion Revolution, thrift stores, and preloved platforms are snowballing—ultimately and ideally to cut back on adding new products to the existing circular—it can be overwhelming (and for some, intimidating) to break away from our old shopping habits for it’s not a process that happens overnight. Hence, instead of rushing the process, we reckon starting small, with practices such as considering these eco-fashion brands and platform options for your next purchases.