Athletic Essentials From Superdry to Add to Your Collection

Double duty for athleisure and athleticism.

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It’s hot, it’s free, and it’s laid back—all signs point to summer being in the air, and Superdry is embodying the season with a sense of vitality. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is themed around the euphoria of a summer road trip, aptly named All Roads Lead to Summer. What should you pack? Athletic essentials, of course.

As for the pieces that make up athletic essentials, several key features are ideal: relaxed-fit tailoring, lightweight cotton, floaty dresses, and a neverending supply of graphic tees. Thankfully, Superdry has all of these and more to have you covered for the summer. “We evoke that sense of optimism and positivity. The mood and aesthetic combine to convey the sheer joy of unbridled release. Searching for new experiences of self-discovery around each corner, showcasing the shared joy and excitement of embracing the new season together,” the brand mentions in its campaign.

Below, Superdry showcases pieces from their Spring/Summer 2024 collection that make up all the essentials you’ll need for your summer wardrobe:

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