By Ruth Yizengaw

Here Are 5 Fashion Podcasts You Have To Be Listening To In 2024

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An underrated resource in understanding the complex yet fruitful world of style, clothing and design are fashion podcasts.

Breaking down the history and timeline of the age old art form one on podcast to divulging styling tips and rising trends on another, these audio gold mines are an epicentre for all things fashion.

Whether you’re interested in getting your foot in the door of the coveted industry, or want to understand the materials, textiles and cuts on a technical level, this GRAZIA round up has your next favourite listens lined up for you in this fashion podcast breakdown.


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From why womenswear is void of pockets to the room for sustainability the fashion industry is making, this award winning podcast breaks down theories, concepts and the history of the fashion world. Hosted by Avery Trufelman, she explores the underlying mechanisms that lead us to pick the things we wear.

Latest Episode “Chromophobia” – unpacks the rising distaste of colour, while also focusing on its importance.


Fashion PodcastsCutting Room Floor
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Dubbed ‘Fashion’s Only Fashion Podcast’, the creator and host had been in the industry for 10 years before pivoting to the audio world. She lifts the veil behind the closeted bunch, by never divulging trends, celebrities, shows or products. Solely focusing on the creative field’s DNA, Recho Omondi interviews experts and designers on their process, identity and philosophies.

Latest Episode “A Chat With Moj Mahdara” – exploring the world of beauty through CEO of BeautyCon’s unorthodox approach to community.


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What you wear has the power to not only influence how you’re perceived by others, but also your self-perception. From trend wear-ability to model interviews, Nothing To Wear reminds us about the importance of intentionality in our stylistic choices. If you’re looking to develop your personal style and create a closet that speaks to who you are, this fashion podcast guides you through the trail of exploration.

Latest Episode “Dopamine Dressing & Why It’s More Than Just Bright Colours” – investigating the science behind why certain outfits seemingly lift our moods, while others dim it.


Of all the fashion podcasts we’ve listed, this may be the one you haven’t heard of yet. A little underground, fashion journalist Mosha Lundström Halbert has built quite a name for herself on TikTok for her short, punchy reviews and takes on current industry happenings. She unravels the inner stitchings of recent collections, collaborations, and celebrities dabbling into the fashion world. Staying up to date on all the important changes and beginning in the industry with this entertaining listen.

Latest Episode “The Blurred Lines of Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton Cowboys” – A transparent review and breakdown of Pharrell’s latest western cowboy collection for Louis Vuitton.


fashion history
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While fashion can be many things, self-expression, art, escapism, it’s also a reflection of culture and society. From textiles to law, this podcast focuses on the long lineage and story behind the art form. Created by the historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary, each episode focuses on a different facet within the sometimes abstract, but always riveting time stamps of fashion

Latest Episode “Dressed Classic: A History of the Paper Pattern Industry” – venturing into the world of costume design with paper pattern expert Joy Spanabel Emery.’

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