The Editor’s Picks: Add These Unconventional Pieces To Your Daily Wardrobe

Of all shapes and sizes.
unconventional fashion

Office siren and clean girl had their moments, now it’s time to jazz it up with unconventional fashion pieces, regardless of shapes and sizes.

Oversized silhouettes are associated with being slouchy, including large framed glasses that are meant for holidays. Not only do the sizes matter, but shapes too, play a significant part in dressing. JW Anderson is an example of mastering the art of unconventional fashion. With both his eponymous label and Loewe, he earns himself a notable seat in the contemporary fashion scene. Arguably, these weirdly shaped items can be intimidating for their over-the-top and unconventional cuts that are subjected to varied opinions. Sometimes even regarded as a faux pas.

Ahead, we put together a look that might be slightly off the beaten tracks. Yet, they look presentable in most settings, be it in a work-related formal meeting or an after-hours gathering.