The Editor’s Picks: These Sculptural Pieces Are Wearable Arts

Otherworldly beings.
sculptural fashion

The conversation between fashion and sculpture is not a novelty, from the Schiaparelli jewelled robot toddler to the Undercover Terrarium dress. For decades, fashion designers have been challenging the notion of wearability with sculptural fashion—redefined and undefined. They are stunning, showstopping and coveted, but how practical are they? We wish to strut around effortlessly, looking like the models who stormed out the runway in these spectacular pieces. The truth is that beauty often comes with a painful price to pay, quite literally.

Some of the fashion icons have confessed that they struggled to move around in these shapeshifters—Anne Hathaway in her red Versace corset dress, Zendaya in her archive Mugler robot suit, and Dua Lipa in her Schiaparelli dress for Golden Globes 2024. The devil is in the detail if you are looking for pieces that are sculptural enough to gain you admirable stares but still comfortable to walk around the city in—unless you have a red-carpet event (or a Met Gala) to attend. Ahead, we put together some intricately designed pieces that will make you the star of the crowd with fewer compromises for comfort.