Adidas Launches the Z.N.E Collection—An Entirely New Line

No frills no fuss, the sportswear line is all about comfort.
adidas zne, izzah amzan
Photo Courtesy of Adidas

Maximum comfort, minimum distraction. Adidas launched a new line of comfortable sportswear, the Z.N.E Collection fronted by Jenna Ortega, Hoyeon, David Yang, and sports personalities such as footballer Alessia Russo, Melanie Leupolz and basketball player Anthony Edwards.

The range features hoodies, track bottoms, t-shirts and shorts, minimally designed with breathable four-way stretch fabric. The innovative moisture-absorbing AEROREADY technology makes sure you stay dry and look crisp. 

The collection comes in four different colours, the classic black and white, Fusion Pink and Artic Night which is a mixture of grey, blue and green. One easily overlooked yet game-changing detail we like about the collection is the concealed zipper for pockets, keeping your belongings secure. Either for a morning jog, a gym session, grab-and-go daily looks, or even outdoor music events, the Z.N.E. is a wardrobe staple for modern urbanites. 

adidas zne, izzah amzan
Photo Courtesy of Adidas

Izzah Amzan Shares Her Favourites from the Adidas Z.N.E Collection

Short for Zero Negative Energy, the Z.N.E collection highlights the “in the moment” mindset that Izzah Amzan, the nation’s youngest rhythmic gymnast resonates with.  

Please share with us how or what got you interested in doing rhythmic gymnastics professionally.

I became interested in doing rhythmic gymnastics because of the elegance and beauty of the sport. My mother was the biggest inspiration that kept me going to chase my dreams in this field.

What do you like most about the Adidas Z.N.E collection?

I love that the collection is super comfortable. Being in rhythmic gymnastics means a lot of exaggerated movements are required. Wearing the Adidas Z.N.E collection allows me to move with pride and confidence in my everyday life. Plus the design complements my style and preference! 

Speaking of style, what is your go-to style outside of training hours?

I think it’s a mix of casual and chic styles. In my day to day, I often take inspiration from Pinterest to style my favourite essentials in my closet in new and interesting ways.

What is your favourite item from the Z.N.E collection?

I would say all of them are my favourites. But if I had to pick one, it would be the X_PLRBOOST. They are extremely comfortable and I can walk all day long without worrying about any pain because they protect my feet to the max!

Gymnastics and fashion are inseparable. Do you think what you wear affects your performance?

I firmly believe that my outfits play an important role in influencing my performance. Wearing anything that gives me ultimate comfort is always my primary aim so I may focus on the moment and deliver a top-notch performance to showcase my abilities to the fullest.

Which part of your career as a sportsperson do you enjoy the most?

Being able to represent the country in international and prestigious competitions besides making new friends across the globe is what I enjoy the most. The various challenges I have encountered as a sportsperson also help me grow into the best version of myself each day.

As a gymnast, how do you stay “In the Moment”?

If I found myself in a high pressure situation that requires a strong mental and physical mindset, I try to be as mindful as possible. I also make sure to enjoy myself once I am in the game zone. 

Any other sports you enjoy doing other than gymnastics?

I would say bowling is a fun pastime, especially with our loved ones, where I tend to get my head in the game instantly, enjoying it to the fullest.

Good news for adiClub members, you will get a limited edition pair of Z.N.E. Coasters with a purchase of selected Z.N.E outerwear.