By Astrid Zulhaime

GEOX Names Penélope Cruz as Their First Ever Brand Ambassador

What a match made in Italy.

There’s just something addictive about investing in clothes that our favourite celebrities had a hand in creating. This month, we can look forward to another addition to the long list of iconic partnerships between clothing brands and Hollywood stars. In very exciting news, the Academy Award-winning Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has just been announced as GEOX’s first-ever global brand ambassador. 

Penelope Cruz is set to become the face of the renowned Italian brand with the launch of two thrilling fashion campaigns. The Vanilla Sky actress will front the GEOX Autumn/Winter 2023 collection for women. Following this captivating debut, Cruz will return for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection. If that’s not enough, she has also designed a limited edition capsule collection for the brand alongside her sister Mónica. Fashion aficionados, prepare to be enthralled.

A Matching Pair

GEOX is a leading footwear and apparel brand hailing from Italy, renowned for its sustainable business practices and breathable innovations. An environmentally-friendly business, GEOX places major importance on the foot and body comfort of their customers. As a strong advocate for stylish comfort, GEOX believes that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, proving it a million times over with their innovative products—functional yet beautiful. 

Being comfortable yet stylish is a sentiment shared with brand ambassador Penélope Cruz. “Comfort is essential for every woman and GEOX manages to create products that are very comfortable but also very cool”, gushed the actress. But shared values aren’t the only common ground between Penélope Cruz and GEOX. The Emmy-nominated actress is famously known for having a special bond with Italy, often working with Italian directors and is an admirer of famous Italian starlets like Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren. What a match made in Italia!

The founder and chairman of the footwear company, Mario Moretti Polegato also drew uncanny comparisons between the backgrounds of GEOX and Cruz that explain the authenticity of their collaboration. Both parties started off in small towns in Italy and Madrid respectively. With both Cruz and GEOX now enjoying international success, this inspiring collaboration proves how the biggest of dreams are still achievable with hard work and talent.

The Penélope Cruz for GEOX Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection is available here.

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