Milano Dal 1913 – Prada’s Legacy Makes A Nostalgic Comeback

Designed 110 years ago by Mario Prada, the iconic Milano Dal 1913 returns to the fashion scene.
Prada’s vintage Milano Dal 1913 makes a comeback.
Photo Credit: Prada

Today’s fashion charts are swarmed with admiration for bygone eras. This creates a lot of hype for vintage-inspired luxury collections. It’s no wonder why modern chic has been given a new definition – breathing new life into ancient treasures. Such is the case with the legendary fashion house, Prada, and the latest comeback of the Prada Milano Dal 1913 bag.

The Birth of the Iconic “It Bag”

110 years ago, Mario Prada sketched out the Milano Dal 1913. This bag not only signaled the dawn of the Prada empire but also pioneered the “It bag” trend. This product of intrigue was born during Miuccia Prada’s grandfather’s era as an evening elegance. Adorned with art deco-style clasp and available in moiré silk, it telegraphed an oriental allure.

Milano Dal 1913: a nostalgic fashion revival by Prada

Fast forward to 2024, the bag reincarnated in Prada’s spring-summer collection. Embellished with Re-NylonPrada’s go-to material, the Milano Dal 1913 proudly stands as a modern temptation. It vows to remain a staple in our wardrobe, oozing Prada’s rich legacy.

From an Object of Curiosity to a Coveted Fashion Statement

Milano Dal 1913, celebrating Prada’s essence of incessant curiosity and matchless craftsmanship. This iconic bag, with its signature clasp, is making its comeback in diversified sizes and materials. And it isn’t stopping at spring-summer 2024. Prada hints a continuum for seasons to come, expanding the avenue for aspirational fashion investments.

If you’re a fashion investor looking to arrest time and trends, the revamped Milano Dal 1913 is your hot ticket. Don’t let this opportunity of becoming a part of Prada’s fashionable voyage slip away!

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.