Q&A: Nazifi Nasri and His Sold-Out Bags

Nazifi Nasri shares his thoughts on his mini Oked bag.

Image Credits: Nazifi Nasri

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Riuh Raya 2023 at Sentul Depot last weekend, here’s what you need to know: massive queues ran on a numbering system, all just to get Nazifi Nasri’s bags. So who exactly is Nazifi Nasri and what is the craze all about?

Nazifi is a leather goods designer, specialising in footwear and bag-making. Its sleek and minimal design, along with the immaculate craftsmanship—everything is handsewn and handmade—earned him a name in the local scene. What started as a side venture in 2014 for the self-taught designer grew into a much sought-after homegrown brand that’s loved by the digital generation.  

One of his designs, the mini Oked bag in particular, has always been a bestseller. Hence, it was no surprise that the design went viral at the recent Riuh Raya festivities at Sentul Depot. The hype showed no signs of slowing down even after the event, and at the time of writing, #NazifiNasri has gained a staggering record of 1.1 million views on TikTok—truly a remarkable moment and achievement for a local brand. We managed to catch Nazifi amidst his busy schedule—he was unpacking the stock from Riuh when we contacted him—for a quick, rapid-fire Q&A. 

Let’s break down the viral bag. What does Oked mean?

Orked is my mum’s name but I shorten it to Oked without R. It’s more catchy and easier to remember.

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How do you feel about your bags going viral at Riuh Raya?

Speechless! I did not expect that. The huge crowds were so overwhelming. My team and I were completely at a loss for words as we stood at the back of our booth—we didn’t even know what to do! I didn’t even realised we went viral until our neighbouring vendor broke the news to us. 

Do you have any fun facts to share about the Oked Baguette? 

It’s actually my very first women’s handbag, and it was launched back in 2021!

Image Credit: Nazifi Nasri

What’s your personal favourite from all your creations? 

I personally really like mini Oked (GRAZIA: It’s true, judging from how many times we’ve seen him wearing it on his personal Instagram account!) but my latest favourite is the Epy bag, from our Raya 2023 collection. I named it Epy because it’s the pet name given to me by my family and close friends, so it’s closer to my heart. 

Speaking of that, how would you describe Nazifi Nasri, not as a brand, but Nazifi Nasri as a person?

I’m just a simple guy who’s not taking his life too seriously.

What songs do you listen to when you’re stressed out? 

NYSNC, 98 Degrees, or a 2000s playlist. 

Riuh was amazing, but it must be overwhelming and stressful for you. What do you want to do the most after the Riuh rush? 

I really want to go to the beach!

What about prepping for Raya? What’s on your Raya shopping list? 

A songkok and Baju Melayu.

Any preferred brand? 

Baju Melayu from Petra and Songkok from Jakel. Of course, not forgetting Nazifi Nasri’s sandals.