Dress up to the nines, we are ready for the Raya celebration.

Raya is around the corner, and before you think you have enough time to browse through the overwhelming selection of Raya clothes and finally decide on what look to put on, we are here with two pieces of news. 

One: some of the Raya collections are sold out already! (sigh, we know!) but fret not because, two: we compiled a list that will save the hassle—ranging from soft and subtle pieces from Hanya to bold and vibrant ones from Khoon Hooi—there have to be something that is up your alley. 

Have fun shopping!

Khoon Hooi

Dressing in vibrant colours is the best way to embrace and welcome the festive season, after all, it’s about going all out! Khoon Hooi depicts that mindset faultlessly with both the Middle East Ramadhan collection and the Raya Gold, while the former features a range of floor-grazing dresses with puffed sleeves or feather trims; the latter is a more demure take with some form-fitting cuts.

Bonia x Amelia Henderson 

Klein blue and sunburnt orange for Raya? Bold. Collaborating with actress and model Amelia Henderson, Bonia released a Raya capsule.

Fun fact: Amelia pointed out that when they put the Bonia’s logo and her initial A together, it reminds her of a disco ball. Which is probably why the collection is oozing with such a retro nostalgia vibe.

From the glamorous wrapped dress—that comes in three different colours—featuring a pair of elegant bishops sleeves, to the embellished sweatshirt that matches seamlessly with the Amelia sneakers; not forgetting the sling bags and sandals adorned with bedazzled metallic finishes, the collaboration rolls out a timeless selection, one that’s sustainable enough to make you want to keep it in your wardrobe even after Raya. 


Alia Bastaman

We’re talking about poise and elegance here with Alia Bastaman’s Eid collection. The Lily Kurung with Alia B’s iconic pleats especially is such a head-turner that’s perfect for an evening event. Available on Zalora, the Alia B’s Forever collection, on the other hand, features a relatively subtle silhouette that is more day-to-day yet glamorous nonetheless with details like fringe trims or fluid drapes.  


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As the name implies, Hanya’s Cloudhouse collection features matching sets that are light and comfortable, perfect for our sunny weather. Despite using soft fabrics like chiffon and satin, the collection has a distinctive design that preserves the traditional cuts—the Chanda Kurung even comes with a Selendang—while adding some of the modern designs such as pleats, drapes or cuffed sleeves that enhance your Raya looks.  


Got your eyes fixated on the big bows? Same. The Fiziwoo Raya Luxe collection is an exemplary translation of “it’s all in the details”. The intricate beadwork—hand-tamboured by the way—shows the refined craftsmanship that has always been Fiziwoo’s signature.  


Aptly named the Regal Raya, LARNEY designs is the best portrayal of poise and composure. The Ethereal Embroidery highlights the exquisite weaving patterns whereas the Luxe Prints evolves around timeless prints such as the paisley and batik patterns. Some of the well-loved pieces from last Raya like the pleated baju kurung too, also made their much-anticipated comeback in this collection.


Collars, the bigger the better. The baggy and exaggerated flair is the flattering part of Shals’ Eid: Old Meet New collection. At the first glance, the collection might appear to look monotonous, but the details like the oversized collars on Jorja, asymmetrical lapels on Wintour, as well as the back vent on Juliette, small yet apparent touch like these create a harmonious balance between contemporary and traditional, just as the name suggest. 

Afiq M

Nostalgia, the name says it all. Drawing inspiration from his personal childhood experiences alongside stories from his great-grandmother and grandmother’s days, Afiq M’s collection brings back the traditional silhouette we are familiar with, keeping the tradition alive. 

Oh Sebenar

Very much like a fairy tale that happens in a cottage, Oh Sebenar’s With You collection for Raya is nature-inspired. From the muted colour to the flowers and banana leaf prints, and the durable and breathable textile selection—the collection translate the brand’s retro nostalgia and down-to-earth traits to perfection. 


Plaids and polka dots are certainly not the first to come to our mind when we shop for Raya, but the BEHATI festive designs prove us wrong. Forget about the obsolete fashion rules, the garments in this collection clashes with each other, floral with checks, sequins with eye-blinding colours, the neons with the metallics, but somehow, they work miraculously and harmoniously. 

Innai Red 

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The floral pattern is an evergreen favourite. Innai Red Cosmopolitan adds a hint of playfulness to the timeless print—brushstroke, lace or embossed, there must be something that strikes your chord precisely.