By Tracy Chong

Rimowa Celebrates Memories of Travel With New Campaign

Every dent or scratch on your suitcase carries a beautiful memory.
RIMOWA's campaign, woman with suitcase
Photo: Courtesy of Rimowa

In a society that often values perfection without sparing any cost to achieve it, Rimowa‘s newest campaign, titled “A Lifetime Of Memories”, tells us to strip back and relax, as imperfections can be celebrated too. The German maison seeks to show us that the scratches, dents and stickers on a suitcase are unique to each person. They represent their past journeys, experiences, and friendships forged. Hence, instead of viewing these marks as ugly blemishes, they should be cherished as signs of beauty shaped by one’s travels.

“The campaign marks a new trajectory for Rimowa as a brand. We’re very proud to show the beauty of Rimowa suitcases at every stage, as treasured and loved companions that have real and meaningful lifetime memories attached to them,” says Emelie De Vitis, chief marketing officer at RIMOWA.

The “A Lifetime Of Memories” campaign, directed by filmmaker Fenn O’Meally, is split across four films. The films depicts travellers moving from one location to the next, resulting in the accumulation of treasured dents and scratches. These travellers include an artist going to her next exhibition, a DJ who set their sights on finding new music never heard before, and a gastronomist couple with a desire to taste the perfect bite. All these destinations mark a past, present and future steeped in precious memories, forever preserved by the timelessness and durability of the Rimowa suitcase.

Camilla Harrisson, CEO and partner at Anomaly, adds: “It has been a privilege to showcase these iconic products in a way they have never been seen before. This work captures these beautifully designed suitcases as much-loved companions—complete with dents, scratches and stickers that come from a lifetime of journeys.”

RIMOWA's campaign, black suitcase
Photo: Courtesy of Rimowa

In celebration of Rimowa’s highest standards of craftsmanship and the brand’s sustainability policy, the German maison offers a lifetime guarantee with every new Rimowa suitcase purchased after July 25th 2022.

In addition, Rimowa introduces the Re-Crafted programme, which offers a circular model system of reusing, repairing and recycling suitcases. By giving pre-loved luggage bags a new lease of life, this reduces wastage and improves sustainability. These luggage bags will then pass through a whole process of reimagination and reconstruction, finally becoming ready to embark on a new journey of memories.