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Ditch The Bandana: Skinny Scarves Are So Back This Summer

The skinny scarf is making waves this summer. Once a joke, now it's a fashion statement you'll want to have!
Summer fashion alert: skinny scarves are back
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Who would’ve thought? The skinny scarf, adored by 2000s Lolitas, is making a strong comeback. This kitschy yet sexy accessory is pushing the once-trendy bandana aside. Fashion really is cyclical, isn’t it? Remember how everyone thought these tiny scarves were tasteless? Well, that’s in the past. Fashion icons and It girls are embracing the skinny scarf, putting it back on the fashion radar for summer 2024. Paris Hilton and other fashion icons made it their staple back in the day. Now, get ready to see it wrapped around every stylish neck.

Skinny Scarves: How to Style This Trending Summer Accessory?

So, how do you pull off this trending scarf look and look like “that girl?” It’s easier than you think. Start by taking a cue from early-2000s fashion icons who weren’t afraid to rock this accessory. Think bold, think bling. Whether it’s sequins or vibrant colours that match your outfit, the skinny scarf can be your new best friend.

Keep the skinny scarf look fresh and tropical when you pair it with a cute summer dress. Maybe a bold, printed top for a plain scarf. This small yet impactful accessory is about to become your summer wardrobe staple.

The long, sleek shape of the skinny scarf not only jazzes up your look but also elongates your neck, giving you that elegant “swan” effect. You can wear it in multiple ways—around your neck, in your hair, or even tied to your bag. The options are endless!

This summer, switch the bandana for this trending scarf. It has taken centre stage on the catwalks and will soon grace the streets. Fashion designers are including skinny scarves in their collections, making it the statement piece of the season.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.