The "ludicrously capacious" accessory has enthralled the internet

Burberry Tote Bag Succession season 4

The highly-anticipated premiere of Succession‘s fourth and final season has had everyone on the edge of their seats. But while questions of which pottymouth Roy will take the Waystar throne have usually dominated conversations about the show, one “ludicrously capacious” carry-all stole the show: Bridgett’s Burberry tote bag.

It all began at the birthday party of the family’s ruthless patriarch Logan Roy, where the family gathered, along with the bumbling sweetheart, cousin Greg and his new girlfriend, Bridgett.

While Greg himself has not grown up in the uber-wealthy world of his cousins, one “enormous faux pas” makes it blindingly clear to the family, well, to Tom Wambsgans, that his date certainly does not belong.

As she naively tries to grasp conversations around business, nodding along and asking questions us laymen would only think but dare not utter out loud in these circles, she makes one vital mistake in her choice of accessory. The large structured leather tote that features Burberry’s instantly-recognisable check print prompts a scathing takedown from Tom.

“Everyone’s laughing up their sleeves about your date,” he whispers to Greg, mocking the “gargantuan” tote slung over her shoulder as “ludicrously capacious.”

Drawing attention to the bag’s workingman size at the high-roller affair, he asks, “What’s even in there? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail?”

Of course, the conversation sparked some lively internet discourse, particularly around the scene’s commentary on the etiquette of the wealthy and ‘silent luxury’. Ultimately, even though her bag is worth a whopping $3,290, she proves that we non-billionaire folk really can’t comprehend the world these characters inhabit with her use of display-only towels, eating of the canapes “like a famished warthog” and posting on social media.

Though Bridgett horrified all of us when she revealed that she had asked the 83-year-old Logan for a selfie, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about the statement bag. And according to reports by 3DLook, a virtual fitting room company, we weren’t alone.

Burberry Tote Bag Succession season 4
Burberry Tote Bag / Image courtesy of HBO

Tom’s cutting tirade actually caused a spike in searches for the bag—a fact that we find rather ‘heartening’.

As discovered by the company and told to Harper’s Bazaar, Google searches for ‘Burberry tote bag’ increased by more than 310 per cent after the episode aired. Even searches for ‘Burberry sale’ shot up by more than 38 per cent.

“Burberry’s tote bag might not meet the standards for Succession’s top 0.1 per cent, but luckily for the luxury fashion house, they don’t speak for the average consumer,” said Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and chief commercial officer of 3DLook. “While Tom was busy firing off insults, the rest of us were Googling where we could get our own.”

The thing is, while Tom’s assumptions about Bridgett’s needs were fraught with malice, the reality is that most of us actually do require the functionalist of a roomy tote bag. And, just about everyone and their mother would delight in owning a classic Burberry tote bag.

Burberry tote bag
Burberry Tote Bag

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