The Editor’s Picks: 9 Fashion Pieces to Build an Eclectic Grandpa Wardrobe

The fashion world has a renewed interest in vintage or vintage-inspired designs for two possible reasons: the growing awareness of sustainability and the yearning for authenticity in a microtrend-driven time, a person who radiates with confidence that comes naturally with age. Hence, when Pinterest predicted that the Eclectic Grandpa style would take the year by storm, we know there’s no smoke without fire.

On the streets, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Tyler the Creator are some of the celebrities who are channelling their inner gramps. Think colourful sweaters, loafers and baseball caps. Eclectic Grandpa or “Grandpa core” is quirky yet sensible—bold in mix-matching colours and patterns that blend seamlessly with practicality.

Cult-favourite designers like Wales Bonner and Bode are the leaders of the said style since they have always been “a grandpa at heart” who caters to the eclectic group of people before it becomes a trend. Brands like Loewe and Miu Miu too, have their grandpa’s fashion pinned on the board this season, rolling out staples like patterned shirts and velvety corduroy.

Building an eclectic grandpa wardrobe however, takes time and effort as the style is, ultimately, a result of a long process of curation. Ahead, we picked some pieces that would come in handy for those who need some references to build the grandpa-esque look.