The Editor’s Picks: Prep Yourself for the Revival of Old Hollywood Glam

Roll out the red carpet, we are bringing old glamour back.
Hollywood Glam

In a time that is microtrend-driven, Hollywood glam is one of the few styles that remain relevant and is even the font of inspiration for many occasions and runway shows. Often seen on the red carpet, this style has never gone out of style. Aesthetic-wise, the mob wife style that took over Tiktok recently—big furs, mini skirts, animal printed numbers and gold statement jewellery—is a re-emergence of the old Hollywood unabashed opulence that screams: the bigger, the better.

The maximalist wardrobe choices could be a counter-response to the quiet luxury style that reigned last year and the brazen attitude too, could be a natural cycle where the girls are finally phasing out of the ribbon-adorned girlhood and puffed-sleeves coquette style. Either way, the charm of old Hollywood glam never fades.