Roberto Coin Brings Glamour Back With Art Deco Collection

It's the Roaring 2020s!

Bold geometric shapes, bright colours, and luxurious materials — these are the undisputable hallmarks of the Art Deco movement and they have trickled down into the realms of architecture, interior design, fashion, and the decorative arts since the design style came to maturation in the 1920s. One of those beneficiaries is none other than Roberto Coin. The eponymous Art Decò collection is a proven fan favourite and easily one of the jeweller’s most successful creations to date.

An epitome of elegance and decadence, the collection adopts the viewpoint of the referenced with its graphic lines repeated with precision and symmetry, interrupted only by fluid elements such as tassels and chains made of irregular little orbs. The juxtaposition of the two provides an intriguing contrast and texture, which in turn makes each design a conversational piece that inspires curiosity in those who see them. These jewels have a distinct character that is equally modern and traditional.

Playing a crucial part in establishing that character is the coloured stones that the Italian jewellery house brought into play. Crafted in sumptuous yellow or rose gold, the pieces are accompanied by mysterious black jade, delicate mother-of-pearl, intense lapis lazuli, pacifying malachite or joyful turquoise. The most opulent of them all — the haute couture version — is dressed in brilliant diamonds. Here, each gem conveys a different kind of panache and each colour caters to women of different traits and personalities.

To achieve the said effect is no mean feat. Art Decò is a result of the perfect synergy between artistry and machinery. While the internal structure of the twisted gold thread is developed using 3D technology to guarantee the perfect precision of the symmetry, the remaining aspects in the making of the jewellery are left to the in-house craftsmen who manually assemble the chains used in the collection; hand-set the precious stones adorning the pieces; and hand-build the double-click clasp to ensure maximum safety.

All these facets of Art Decò speak to the founder’s vision to make the diverse essential. While many others prefer to propose the same jewel to different women, Coin proposes a different one to each. He aims to give every woman the opportunity and freedom to be herself, to be unique. It is an identity that has been firmly established since the brand’s inception nearly three decades ago and it is a vision that guarantees a more dynamic and curious future and, above all, a future capable of surprising again and again.