At the Vanity Table with… Jestinna Kuan

See what the newly wed has to have in her beauty kits, as well as trends that she thinks need to die.
at the vanity table with... jestinna kuan, gentle monster

At the Vanity Table With… is a series that dives into a personality’s beauty tips, tricks, non-negotiables, and more. In this edition, Jestinna Kuan shares tips on how she achieves her day-to-day makeup, and why she absolutely adores Jimmy Choo and Michelle Yeoh. 

Jestinna Kuan is not your typical social media influencer—she’s actually a pharmacist by training. And just because her digital career took off, it doesn’t mean she has forfeited that role. As seen through her effort via @thecaresquad on Instagram, the 26-year-old remains true to her medical calling. 

Throughout the height of the pandemic, she continuously made content to share health and wellness tips for her audience. In collaboration with fellow healthcare professionals, The Care Squad disseminated information such as how to wear masks and use COVID test kits correctly. On top of that, she’s also a co-founder of The Sis Club, a merch line that debuted with the release of stylish face masks, making protecting yourself against the virus cool. Taking a page from her father’s business book, she and her siblings also co-founded a streetwear retail shop in Penang, UFCO MY. There, they bring brands such as MLB and Supreme to the island. 

Aside from that, she is better known for her vlogs and songs. In fact, her music videos can even rake in upwards of 10 million views, as evidenced by her Chinese New Year music video. Her vlogs, where she documents beauty and fashion hauls as well as her travels, can pull as many as 350,000 views. It’s no wonder that global brands such as Valentino and Coach are keen to work with the Penangite. 

Ahead, she shares her beauty opinions, must-haves, and little fun facts that make her Jestinna Kuan.

A beauty product that you will always use till the last bits

“The Glossier Boy Brow. I truly can’t live without it.

The skincare item that completely transformed your skin for the better

“Lancome Advanced Génifique. The serum uses prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen the skin. They  also have a serum for the eye, too!”

Your trick to achieve the best hair day

“Overnight braids for natural waves. I will then enhance the ‘do with added texture spray.”

An unexpected beauty hack you always incorporate into your routine

“Using a bit of lipstick as a cream blush for a cohesive look. It really does make my makeup look harmonious—and it’s one less thing to worry about.” 

An underrated perfume you think everyone should give a chance to

“Maison Margiela Replica’s Under the Lemon Trees.”

The last beauty indulgence you had done

A luxurious spa day with a hot stone massage and a hydrating body wrap. I’m already yearning for another round.”

A trend that needs to die

“Harmful pranks. For example, pulling a chair out from behind someone. It’s really dangerous.” 

Three items you never leave home without

“My phone, a mini notebook, and a small crystal for positive energy.” 

Brands that check all the boxes for you

“Everlane for ethical fashion, RMS Beauty for clean makeup, and Common Projects for minimalist footwear.” 

Malaysians you look up to

“Jimmy Choo for his legendary shoe designs and success in the fashion industry, and Michelle Yeoh for her incredible acting career and advocacy for environmental causes.”

A song that will always get you in the mood to get ready

“【一瞬間】, a song performed by myself and Danny Lee, of course!”

A non-negotiable beauty step that you have to have in your routine

“Daily application of sunscreen to protect my skin from UV damage.”

A mantra that you live by

“Embrace the journey, and trust the process.”