By Ava Gilchrist

Chrome Zone: How the “Glazed Donut” Nail Trend Got a Metallic Update in 2023

Molten manicures are all the rage.
Hailey Bieber cemented the chrome nail reign. Image via

For perusers of NailTok—a viral subsidiary of beauty TikTok boasting over 5.1 billion views—you’ll be well acquainted with the high-shine chrome nail glazed donut trend made famous by Hailey Bieber.

2022 saw almost every variation of the iridescent technique be ushered into the mainstream; from strawberry glazed, a buttery pink ombre style, to chocolate brownie, an alteration that used a rich brown sugar base coat, and even French vanilla a creamy coloured hue perfect for proponents of Marc Jacobs’ tote bag, a staple of the “clean girl” aesthetic.

While fashion’s micro-trend cycle may suggest that the beauty industry would experience this same vicious cyclical effect with a new go-to style ushered in quicker than it would take your top coat to dry, it’s safe to say that this chromatic style is still saturating the digits of the style set and social media users alike.

However, rather than the pearlescent chrome nails staying within candy-coloured or enticing edible hues, manicurists and nail artists have given the glistening style a futuristic update in line with the reign of metallics.

Indeed, chrome nails have reached fever pitch, with a fine layer of powder dusted over any style or shade, whether that be slightly sleazy with silver and gothic hues or something ultra-modern with intergalactic shapes and tips offering a more modern take.

Because of its immense impact and highly magnetic finish, the chrome manicure is an endlessly versatile trend that will have you glistening all-year round. Below, the biggest chrome nail styles that are taking over the fingertips of the beau monde in 2023.

Starry Night Nails
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Silver Metallic Nails
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Reverse Tip Nails
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Pearlescent Chrome Nails
Image via
Molten Metal Nails
Molten-Metal-Nails, chrome nail designs
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Mermaidcore Nails
Mermaid-Core-Nails, chrome nail designs
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Jewelled Nails
Jeweled-Chrome-Tips, chrome nail designs
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Holographic Nails
Image via
Contrasting Chrome Nails
Contrast-Chrome-Nails, chrome nail designs
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Chrome Tip Nails
Chrome-Tip-Nails, chrome nail designs
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Star Shaped Chrome Nails
Chrome-Star-Nails, chrome nail designs
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